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The main object of a sailing-ship sailor is to gain as much sleep as he can by whatever means, and in pursuit of this end he will evade even those duties which are most essential to the safety of the ship. One night, during the middle watch, the captain came on deck, and took to walking up and down with the second mate. The night was clear, though dark.

If the search I was endeavouring to evade was not minute enough to lead them to look behind this boarding, it would offer me the double advantage of concealment and an unobstructed view of what went on in the hall, through the main doorway opening directly opposite. I could reach this ballroom and its terminal gallery without going around to this door.

"I have not with me your last, and I hope I do not evade any question. "With best wishes to you and all yours, "I am, your earnest friend, "F. W. Newman." "27th Nov., 1891. "My dear Mrs. Kingsley, "So many of my juniors die, that my friends when they do not hear of me may well fancy that I am decrepit and declining. That is not true; only my muscular strength is less.

None attempted to evade this order, most carried out both alternatives; perhaps a casual reminder that they would be within observation and gun-fire of the ship had some influence on their action. Hitherto the Turco-Teutonic brand of Holy War had been fairly successful.

Daughters must always be obedient, but mothers need not always be harsh. To make a girl docile you need not make her miserable; to make her modest you need not terrify her; on the contrary, I should not be sorry to see her allowed occasionally to exercise a little ingenuity, not to escape punishment for her disobedience, but to evade the necessity for obedience.

Gorse has called my attention to what seems to him a flaw in our statutes, an inability to obtain testimony from corporations whose books are elsewhere, and who may thus evade, he says, to a certain extent, the sovereign will of our state."

At the beginning it was thought that Dromas was no match at all for the gigantic Bladud, but when the wonderful agility of the former was seen the ease with which he ducked and turned aside his head to evade blows, and the lightning speed with which he countered, giving a touch on the forehead or a dig in the ribs, smiling all the time as if to say, "How d'ye like it?" men's minds changed with shouts of surprise and satisfaction.

Michelangelo, remembering the obligation he was under to the Duke of Urbino, did all he could to evade this new engagement; but when this proved impossible, he began to procrastinate, and, pretending to be fully occupied with the cartoons for his huge picture, he worked in secret at the statues intended for the monument."

"Maybe you ain't been digging up there?" the half-breed went on presently. "It's rotten bad digging on the Creek," the traveller said, clumsily endeavouring to evade the question. "So I've heard," said the half-breed. He had produced a pipe, and was leisurely filling it from a pouch of antelope hide. His two companions did the same.

You're beastly hard on a fellow; but if you don't mind speaking the truth I don't see why you shouldn't allow me to do the same." She had paused a moment with raised brows, drawing away instinctively from his touch, though she made no effort to evade his words. "I was under the impression," she rejoined, "that you had done so without waiting for my permission."