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Davis received the following reply: 'Office of Gwynne & Day, No. 7 New Street, 'New York, Nov. 12, 1867. 'Messrs. & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio: 'Gentlemen: We have received your favor of the 9th, with enclosure as stated. 'In regard to the prize drawn by , we went to Clark, Webster & Co., to see about it. The prize consists of two hundred shares in the Sand River Petroleum Company.

In both editions is advertised "Persecuted Virtue: or, the Cruel Lover. A True Secret History, Writ at the Request of a Lady of Quality," which was advertised also in the Daily Post, 28 Nov. 1728. I have not found a copy. An anonymous poem prefixed to Mrs. Haywood's reputation in the following terms: Only once did Eliza Haywood compete with Defoe upon the same ground.

Truly, these deliverances today have been very precious! We have now enough for tomorrow also. Nov. 14. Trowbridge. Saturday. That which came in the evening before last supplied our need yesterday; but since then nothing has been received, and therefore there were no means to meet this day’s demands.

By Order of the Mayor, STATHAM, TOWN CLERK. 22 Nov. 1816. In London the distress was so great that the people there were full of a rebellious element; at a meeting in Spitalfields, whereat the celebrated, or, if the term be more appropriate, "notorious," Henry Hunt was present, and addressed a numerous assembly, frightful disorders took place.

1. We will first suppose the case of an interior growth occurring, the nature of which cannot be determined. It may be only a tumor, yet it may be the growth of a living fœtus. If no immediate crisis is feared, you will wait, of course, for further developments. If it proves to be a child, you will attempt no operation till it becomes viable at least. But suppose that fatal consequences are apprehended before the presence of a human being can be ascertained by the beating of the heart; suppose that delay would endanger the mother's life; and yet if you undertake to cut out the tumor, you may find it to contain fœtal life. In such urgent danger, can you lawfully perform the operation? Let us apply our principles. You mean to operate on a tumor affecting one of the mother's organs. The consequences this may have for the child are not directly willed, but permitted. The four conditions mentioned before are hereby verified, under which the evil result, the death of the possible fœtus, may be lawfully permitted; namely: (a) You do not wish its death; (b) What you intend directly, the operation on the mother's organism, is good in itself; (c) The good effect intended, her safety, to which she has an undoubted right, overbalances the evil effect, the possible death of the child, whose right to life is doubtful, since its very existence is doubtful; now, a certain right must take precedence of a doubtful right of the same species; (d) The evil is not made the means to obtain the good effect (see "Am. Eccl. Rev.," Nov., 1893, p.

Amiens, Nov. 26, 1794. The Constituent Assembly, the Legislative Assembly, and the National Convention, all seem to have acted from a persuasion, that their sole duty as revolutionists was comprised in the destruction of whatever existed under the monarchy.

On the 20th of September he made the following direct overture to me to join in the revolution: Conception, Nov. 20th, 1853. My Best and Most Distinguished Friend, The time has arrived when circumstances and the country require the protection of those who generously and judiciously know how to maintain its sacred rights.

Johnson refers to Jenyns's View of the Internal Evidence of the Christian Religion, published this spring. See post, April 15, 1778. Mr. Langton is certainly meant. It is strange how often his mode of living was discussed by Johnson and Boswell. See post, Nov. 16, 1776, July 22, and Sept. 22, 1777, March 18, April 17, 18, and 20, May 12, and July 3, 1778. Baretti made a brutal attack on Mrs.

Anything lengthy aggravates the auditory crisis. The stream of daily occupation with the set purpose of sedentary exploit is competent to regulate itself without an articulate "voice" from the railway companies. I am, Sir, faithfully yours, 4, Hill Side, Cotham Hill, Bristol, July 29th, 1901. From the WESTERN DAILY PRESS, Nov. 16th, 1901.

Smith breathed only a few seconds after the fatal thrust. "Eanes immediately mounted his horse and rode off, but was pursued by Mr. Hanes, who arrested and took him back, when he was put under guard to await a trial before the proper authorities." From the "Vicksburg Register," Nov. 17, 1838.

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