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The landlord is a short and corpulent little man with a nose of cylindrical proportions, wiry hair, and a sporadic rosiness of visage. Drink generously, and he will tell you generously of all the things that happened to him after that time, and of how the lawyers tried to do him out of the treasure found upon him.

Very soon he moved away and became absorbed in delicate attentions towards the sick and suffering Jane Ianson. Agatha thought his behaviour rather odd, but generously put upon it the best construction possible viz. his known kind-heartedness. So she herself went to the other side of the invalid couch, and tried to make mirth likewise. Asking after Mr.

In the alert, confident young man in the English mess-jacket, clean-shaven and bronzed by the suns of the equator, the detective saw no likeness to the pale, bearded bank clerk of the New England city. This, he guessed, must be some English official, some friend of Brownell's who generously had come to bid the unfortunate fugitive Godspeed.

"I am sure all friends of science and improvement will unite in expressing the deepest sympathy in M. Daguerre's loss, and the sincere hope that such a liberal sum will be awarded him by his Government as shall enable him, in some degree at least, to recover from his loss." It is pleasant to record that the French Government did act most generously toward Daguerre.

To be tied hand and foot to a piece of hideous drudgery morning by morning, month by month, and with the consciousness too that, if health fails you, or if you lose your work, you will either starve or have to sponge on your friends never to be able to do what you like or go where you like to know that the world is full of beautiful places, delightful people, interesting ideas, books, talk, art, music to sicken for all these things, and not even to have the time or energy to get hold of such scraps of them as can be found cheap in London to feel time slipping away, and all your instincts for beautiful things unused and unsated to live a solitary, grubby, nasty life never able to entertain a friend, or to go a trip with a friend, or to do a kindness, or to help anyone generously and yet to feel that with an income which many people would regard as ridiculously inadequate, you could do most of these things the slavery, the bondage, the dreariness of it!"

"John," said she, smiling, and yet trembling with impatience, "John, give me the letter." "I will sell it to you, queen. I have learned that from the king, who likewise gives nothing away generously, without taking in return more than he gives. So let us trade. I give you the letter; you give me the rosette which you wear on your shoulder there."

But it turned out we were poor, and so when Georges said for me to marry him that he might care for mother and me, why " "Oh," breathed Alexina. It was denunciation. Certain scenes of childhood had burned into her memory, which she had interpreted later. Molly had not loved daddy, either. "No one was ever so good, so nobly, generously good to a woman as Georges has been to me," Mrs.

If this precedence were not her due, I would resign it to her, after the obligation I have to her for keeping my secret so generously. If your majesty refer it to her consent, I am sure of that, having already consulted her; and I will pass my word that she will be very well satisfied."

She was called hard names, which would have deeply wounded her, by many of her intimate friends; but there were others who more generously took her part, though they vigorously stated their belief that a young married pastor with a growing family had his advantages. The worst thing seemed to be that the Rev. Mr. Farley was beginning his pastorate under a cloud.

As for how we are to prove that the wise man possesses all things, we shall see afterwards; for the present we are both agreed to regard this as true; we must gather together something to answer the question before us, which is, how any means remain of acting generously towards one who already possesses all things?

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