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"I'll get you someone," she said. "My dear, you don't even know the neighbourhood," began my mother. But Barbara had snatched the latchkey from its nail and was gone. With her disappearance, shadow fell again upon us. "If there were only an hotel in this beastly neighbourhood," said my father. "You must entertain them by yourself, Luke," said my mother; "and I must wait that's all."

The council was broken up, as both Christianity, and his own peculiar sentiments, would not permit the Prince Seravalle to entertain the thought of extending slavery. He bowed meekly to the will of Providence, and endeavoured by other means to effect his object of enlightening the minds of this pure and noble, yet savage race of men.

"I would not wish you to entertain the idea that we and our brethren in Calcutta are resolved upon interminable hatred. On the contrary, I think that things are gone as far as we may expect them to go; and I now expect that the fire of contention will gradually go out.

Some of them, I verily believe, will long entertain serious doubts as to the sanity of the Californian public; for Dominico, my guide, always took particular pride in announcing that I was from that great country, and was the richest man in it, being, to the best of his knowledge, the only one who had money enough to spare to travel all the way to Moscow, merely for the fun of the thing.

He had invited to his house, had come down to meet, had made elaborate preparations to entertain on the following evening, a light-colored man, a white man by his theory, an acceptable guest, a possible husband for his daughter, an avowed suitor for her hand.

I wanted her to entertain no doubt of my utter contempt for her person, and I felt certain that she had proposed the other meetings in Venice and at the casino of Muran only to deceive me more easily. I went to bed with a great thirst for revenge, I fell asleep thinking of it, and I awoke with the resolution of quenching it.

Pleasure, like all other truly precious things in this world, cannot be bought or sold. If you wish to be amused, you must do your part toward it; that is the essential. There is no prohibition against opening your purse, if you can do it, and find it desirable. But I assure you it is not indispensable. Pleasure and simplicity are two old acquaintances. Entertain simply, meet your friends simply.

"Medical men persist in saying that the thing is quite impossible, but all the nearest neighbors, who are thoroughly acquainted with the circumstances of the case, entertain no doubt whatever of the subject, and I am myself of the same opinion. "Would it not be worth their while for medical men to make an investigation into the nature of this strange case? Mr.

See them entertained, Drago; or better, let them entertain each other with singing games, holy God! Go you, Bohun' and he turned 'fetch in Madame Alois. Bohun went through a curtain behind him, and the King sat in thought, biting his thumbs. Madame Alois of France came out of the inner tent, a slinking, thin girl, with the white and tragic face of the fool in a comedy set in black hair.

Beechtree, but I have made a guess that you entertain certain suspicions in this matter. Is that the case? Ah, I see I am right. No, tell me nothing you do not wish. In fact, tell me nothing at all. It would be, at this point, indiscreet. Instead, let us go through all the possible alternatives." He paused, and puffed at his cigar for a while in thoughtful silence.