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Lights glowed softly; a waltz came up from the casino on the breath of the summer breeze. Under the red and white awnings youth and joy and love had their day or their night. The hermit was on hand with his postal-carded romance. The trees gossiped in whispers on the mountain.

"Yes: that is, mamma and I and my brother are here; my married sister won't come till next month." Then she turned to her friend, but without lowering her voice. "You can't think how dull it's been, Ethel: no men, no dinners; nothing going on as yet. The Casino is only just opened, and people haven't begun to go there.

There's to be a fancy dress ball at this hotel to-morrow night or rather in the adjacent Casino, which is one reason we migrated here; and praise the saints you'll be in time for it because if anything's going to happen, you'll be able to stop whatever it is. If I were supposed to know that Antoun was Anthony Fenton, I might take him into my counsels. As it is, I can't.

"Oh," explained Miss Lamont, "you can make calls; go to teas and receptions and dinners; belong to the Casino, but not appear there much; and you must drive on the Ocean Road, and look as English as you can. Didn't you notice that Redfern has an establishment on the Avenue?

He was restive under these victories and often asked: "What did that pirate say?" "Why, he told us which way to go to find the Grand Casino." "Yes, but what did he say?" "Oh, it don't matter what he said we understood him. These are educated people not like that absurd boatman."

The alarum struck, and, having no longer any hope of seeing M M come to justify herself, I kissed C C . I gave her the key of the casino, requesting her to return it for me to M M , and my young friend having gone back to the convent, I put on my mask and left the casino.

Facing the south, a colonnade, or covered gallery, of rustic woodwork had been formed, and creeping plants, lately set, were already beginning to clothe its columns. Opposite to this colonnade there was a fountain which reminded Riccabocca of his own at the deserted Casino. It was indeed singularly like it; the same circular shape, the same girdle of flowers around it.

One evening at the casino, his lordship noticed a drawing of his own yacht, and started. The Consul explained to him, that the drawing had been copied by his daughter from a sketch by an English traveller, who preceded him. His name was inquired, and given. 'Ferrers! exclaimed his lordship. 'What, has Ferrers been here? 'You know Mr. Ferrers, then? inquired Henrietta, with suppressed agitation.

The path led through a dense thicket which became a casino hedge, and suddenly I found myself peering over his shoulder into a little garden bewildering in color. In the centre of the garden a great live-oak spread its sheltering branches. Around the gnarled trunk was a seat.

"I comforted her as well as I could, but I didn't know what would become of us. Then a lady, who had a room next to mine in the hotel, heard me crying, and was very kind." "I should think she would have been," interrupted the young man. "She told me that, as my mother had lost everything, she had better go to the Direction of the Casino, and get what they call a viatique money to go away with.

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