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What a pitiful attempt to keep the world mindful of the departed! Mr. Stanhope King was not in very good spirits. Even Boston did not make him cheerful. He was half annoyed to see the artist and Miss Lamont drifting along in such laughing good-humor with the world, as if a summer holiday was just a holiday without any consequences or responsibilities.

Equally to be censured as a violation of etiquette, and more so in a moral point of view, is the use of profanity; it is a sure mark, not only of low-breeding, but of a narrow, degraded if not a positively vicious mind. Lamont says: "Whatever fortune may be made by perjury, I believe there never was a man who made a fortune by common swearing.

Dorian then shouted to his companion on the bank to bring the rope and come to his assistance; but even while it was being done, a great rush of water lifted the broken car out into the stream. Lamont was released, but he was helpless to prevent the current from sweeping him along. Dorian reached for the man, but missed him and stepped into a deep place.

'Madame, cried Lamont, 'will you cause these men to be put to death for disobedience to their officer? I scarcely believed him. And yet There was a sound at the outside. 'Make haste! cried d'Aubepine. 'Here is the Prince come to see whether he has won his wager.

Then I turned round and reproached d'Aubepine with his wicked treachery to the memory of the man he had once loved. Alas! this moved him no longer. He swore fiercely that this should not be hurled at his head again, and throughout the scene, he was worse to me than even M. de Lamont, working himself into a rage in order to prevent himself from being either shamed or touched.

On and on they walked, Lamont whispering soft, sweet nothings into her foolish ears, until they had left most of the throng far behind them. "Hack, sir! hack to ride up and down the beach!" exclaimed a man, stopping a pair of mettlesome horses almost directly in front of them. Victor Lamont appeared to hesitate an instant; but in that instant he and the driver had exchanged meaning glances.

"Drive?" "No; I'm walking." "Then you'll ride with us. Plenty of room. Glad to have you." "Thank you, I " "Yes, come," urged Carlia. Dorian hesitated. He tried to carry an independent manner, but Mr. Lamont linked his arm sociably with Dorian's as he said: "Of course you'll ride home with us; but first we'll have a little ice cream." "No thanks," Dorian managed to say.

It seems incredible that a person should attain his age with such freshness of mind. But I think he is the only one of the party who even looked at the paintings." "I think it's just pathetic," said Miss Lamont. "Don't you, Mr. Forbes?" "No; I think it's encouraging. It's a sign of an art appreciation in this country.

They were once the belles of Lake Harriet, to whom the officers and fur traders paid homage. Hushes-the-Night married a white man named Lamont and became the mother of a child called Jane. She had one sister, who died childless, in St. Paul, in 1901. Jane Lamont married Star Titus, a nephew of the Pond brothers. They became the parents of three sons and two daughters.

Lamont directly; the one will make every enquiry in London, the other may perhaps pick up some information at Leith, whither in all probability he went; Mr. Lamont at least may learn what ships sailed about that time. Do you sit down here by your mother, and watch her, while I go and write my letters, for not an instant must be lost."