Even runaways, father had appeared to think, could always be governed, if you kept your head. They never knew what he thought. He died quickly, under opiates, and John believed his mother was so thankful for the merciful haste of it that she could not, until long after, recall herself to mourn. And she did honestly mourn. The little John was glad of that.

But when Comyn had finished, he wheeled on us with a smile. "Egad, he will be telling you next that I have renounced the devil and all his works, Richard," said he. "'Oohs, that I will not," his Lordship made haste to declare. "For they were born in him, and will die with him." "And you, Jack," I asked, "how is it that you are not in arms for the King, and commanding one of his frigates?"

Out of respect to him, they had kept silent while in the strange, desolate garden; but once more in the streets, the old Newcastle song rose up again till the men were, perforce, silenced by the haste with which they went to the post of danger. It was three o'clock in the afternoon.

And then it mattered not where he was or what he was doing the little boy would come, rushing with eager haste, to join her at the front gate where they always watched together for the procession and strove for the honor of sighting first the long string of vehicles that would soon appear on one of the four roads leading to the church.

"Doctor!" he cried, half-breathless with haste and exertion "Doctor!" "Well?" answered Henry, alert. "There's a awful accident at Grubblebon Quarry, sir. Powder blowed up. Legs and arms! Good God! sir, make haste."

"At once. D'ye hear me?" Mr. Vickers backed with some haste towards the door. His daughter followed slowly. "I don't believe you," she said, turning sharply on Stobell. "I don't believe the ship was wrecked at all." Mr. Stobell sat gasping at her. "What?" he stammered. "W h-a-a-t?" "I don't believe it was wrecked," repeated Selina, wildly.

By gold only, therefore, can we out-wrestle him. "Oh, Mr. Gilbert, Mr. Gilbert! is it not written, that those who make haste to be rich, pierce themselves through with many sorrows? Oh, Mr. Gilbert! God's blessing is not on it all." "Not on you, madam? Be sure that brave Captain John Hawkins's star told me a different tale, when I cast his nativity for him.

Joseph Jobson it proved to be, in great haste, and, as it speedily appeared, in most extreme bad humour. He came up to us, and stopped his horse, as we were about to pass with a slight salutation. "So, sir so, Miss Vernon ay, I see well enough how it is bail put in during my absence, I suppose I should like to know who drew the recognisance, that's all.

With hands trembling with haste, Berenger had seized the scissors that, house-wife like, hung at Lucy's waist, and was cutting the rope, exclaiming in French, 'Pardon, pardon, friend, for so shameful a reception.

After leaving the vicinity of the lake the country was rough, and in the darkness the surest-footed horse was liable to fall. Moreover, there was no need of haste.