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"Because deceit has its place in the human heart, I suppose," he said, and, strangely, he thought of the mayor's regard of Gibson as a figurehead of hypocritical virtue who sold himself for money. How terrible it would be if that were true! As if by mutual unspoken assent they talked of other things, of books, of plays, of life, until Mrs. Gallant returned, apologizing again for her absence.

Platonida Ivanovna was unspeakably rejoiced at her nephew's return. There was no terrible chance she had not imagined during his absence. 'Siberia at least! she muttered, sitting rigidly still in her little room; 'at least for a year! The cook too had terrified her by the most well-authenticated stories of the disappearance of this and that young man of the neighbourhood.

They seemed now like necessities to him, and the thought of going back to private life was not at all pleasant. He therefore got leave of absence, and took the train for Rock River. He did not see so much of the outside world on this return trip. His trouble came back upon him, mixed, too, with something sweet which lay in the fact of a return to the West.

By the way, when I am settled in this place I should like to send and get my sketches. There must be nearly a hundred and fifty of them with you. 'That is er is what I came to speak about. I fear we can't allow it exactly, Mr. Heldar. In the absence of any specified agreement, the sketches are our property, of course. 'Do you mean to say that you are going to keep them?

Five, ten and fifteen minutes, his companion impatiently awaited his appearance, and at length, seriously disturbed at his absence, he shouted his name. "Yes, yes," said the Doctor from within, "I'm coming." "What detained you so deuced long," said his friend, when they were again on their way.

"Yes; oh, the necklace was taken from the safe during my absence, all right." "Yet the two men were ahead of you, and went out of the street door before you reached the lower landing?" Frank's face showed that the idea presented by Nestor was new to him. He had never considered that feature of the case.

Meantime, the army of the Nawab having been joined by a small British contingent, marched to meet the Emperor, who was worsted in an engagement that occurred on the 15th of February, 1760. On this the Emperor adopted the bold plan of a flank march, by which he should cut between the Bengal troops and their capital, Murshidabad, and possess himself of that town in the absence of its defenders.

But, as it was, his absence saved him; her imagination clothed him with an almost mythic excellence; his brilliant letters added to the impression; and then, at intervals of about two years, he appeared in Paris for six weeks just long enough to rivet her chains, and not long enough to loosen them.

So engrossed was the whole Court with the exciting and singular events of the day that no one noticed the absence of Rafaravavy, and, happily, the Queen did not happen to require her attendance that night.

Roberts had settled his bride, after a somewhat extended business tour, involving months of absence, matters were in train for a cosy evening in the library. That was the name of the beautiful room where the husband and wife sat down together; but it was quite unlike the conventional library. Little prettinesses, which Mr.