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He had fast hold of his enemy with his hands, and had thrown up his legs so as to tighten them round those of his foe, and in this position both held on as if trying to recover breath. Then all at once Sam felt the grip of one of the black's hands loosen, and a horrible thought flashed through his brain It was his adversary's right hand, and he was about to seek for his knife!

I don't like his hints," said Mr. Bickford. He prepared to mount the animal, but the latter rose on its hind legs and very clearly intimated that the proposal was not agreeable. "What's got into the critter?" said Joshua. "He wants to rest. Suppose we rest here for half-an-hour, while we loosen check-rein and let the horses graze." "Just as you say."

Three hours passed, and still no prospect of release. The bonds chafed his wrists, and his situation was far from comfortable. He tried to loosen the cords, but without success. "Must I stay here all night?" he thought, in alarm. But deliverance was at hand, though its first approach was disagreeable. A large dog entered the cabin through the open door, drawn thither, probably, by curiosity.

There now remained only to loosen the cement above, and this was a comparatively easy task; it crumbled quickly before the points of their daggers, and the bar was soon free to move.

Yuh couldn't get a hundred-t'-one bet, down there." Andy merely grunted. "Say," asked the Old Man suddenly. "Didn't yuh kinda mistake that blue roan for his twin brother, Pardner? This here cayuse is called Weaver. I tried t' get hold of t'other one, but doggone 'em, they wouldn't loosen up.

Sweet Ariadne no, not that one ah no; Fill me the manna of Montepulciano: Fill me a magnum and reach it me. Gods! How it glides to my heart by the sweetest of roads! Oh, how it kisses me, tickles me, bites me! Oh, how my eyes loosen sweetly in tears! I'm ravished! I'm rapt! Heaven finds me admissible! Lost in an ecstasy! blinded! invisible! Hearken all earth!

And then when we're gone you can decide which of you is to have him, as you all want him so much. 'That's fair enough, said the man who was holding the Baby, trying to loosen the red neckerchief which the Lamb had caught hold of and drawn round his mahogany throat so tight that he could hardly breathe. The gipsies whispered together, and Cyril took the chance to whisper too.

The bright veil which wrapped them was drawn away, and they stood in the silent, gathering dusk. He tried to loosen his neck-band; it seemed to be choking him. "I I can't I don't comprehend it. I am trying to realize what it " "It means nothing," she answered. "There was an editorial, yesterday," he said, "an editorial that I thought was about Rodney McCune. Did you write it?" "Yes."

"I intend to work my will, but I am a man of reason. You are entitled to a hearing state your objection, sir. Speak up!" The captain's answer was to raise his right hand and to loosen the cords securing the celluloid mask. As the Master watched, steadying his nerves against the shock of what he felt must be a nameless horror underneath, Alden tore away the mask and threw it upon the table.

Duffel was speechless with surprise and terror, the astonishing intelligence seeming to paralyze all his powers; at last he made out to loosen his tongue and queried: "She is gone, then?" "Yes, and the sentinel, too!" "Then we are betrayed! What shall we do?"