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I was found on the desert here when I was a baby girl. But how did you know? Tell me all about it. Do you know my father's name?" "Sure! Sure! Name was Len-Len-Len-Leonard Prince. You're Jean Prince. Len Prince was m' ol' pardner. I'm lookin' lookin' for the claim Len Prince and me and The Chink found and lost ag'in. Rich! Yellow with gol'. You're Jean Prince I know. I c'n prove it by your head.

A long, gray twilight was falling, it was turning colder, and the landscape seemed taking on a savage bleakness. "It ain't that," Shorty was saying. "We don't want your money. Wouldn't touch it nohow. But my pardner is the real meat with boats, and when he says yourn ain't safe I reckon he knows what he's talkin' about." Kit nodded affirmation, and chanced to glance at Mrs Breck.

So, after all, it was give and take, and if you didn't stand square with your pardner, why, you might be shy one when you needed him. But Bob was a man who was willing to go further than that. He never played a limit. "Twenty years ago I was sheriff of this county, and I made Bob my chief deputy. That was before the boom in cattle when we both made our stake.

The tramp grinned up at him. "Mebby not, pardner. You was tellin' Sweeney Orcutt back in Los Angeles that you wanted to get up against the real thing. I reckon you bought the right ticket this trip." "Will they will there be any shooting?" asked the Easterner. "Not if I can help it," replied Overland. "I borrowed your gun on the chance of it.

And I rushed forwards to his rescue but so lightnin' quick wuz their movements that I met my companion a comin' back, and I sez, the first thing, "I heard your cry, Josiah! I rushed to save you, my dear pardner." "Yes," sez he, "I spoke out to you, to call your attention to the landscape, over the woods there!"

"Alf! Alf Kearney!" he shouted. The Expressman pulled up short. He had already emptied his revolver, and the Redskins were continuing their flight. "Frizzle me if it ain't Kiddie of the Camp!" cried Kearney, dismounting and standing with his hands on his knees, staring at the fallen Expressman. "Say, now, are you hurt bad, pardner?

He wondered if life must always be so terribly wasted, made a bruised and broken thing instead of the fine, brave adventure for which it was meant. As Kitty stepped from the cab she was trembling violently. "Don't you be frightened, li'l' pardner. You've come home. There won't anybody hurt you here." The soft drawl of Clay's voice carried inexpressible comfort.

After I've told you, if you can bear to see me round " He hesitated and suddenly stood up, his eyes still wet, but his head so high an onlooker who did not understand English would have called the governing impulse pride, defiance even. "It seems I'm the kind of man, Colonel the kind of man who could leave his pardner to die like a dog in the snow."

"You been a right quiet little pardner, and smilin', so I'm going to tell you somethin' that you can keep right on bein' quiet about. Sam Brent would send you or me or any man into a gun-fight, or a posse, or a jail, and never blink his eye, if he thought it was good business for him. He'd do it pleasant, too, jest like he was sendin' you to a dance, or a show.

And jest the prospect of a tower ahead is a great help to a woman in rulin' and keepin' a pardner straight and right in his liniments and his acts. Somehow jest the thought of a tower sort a lifts him up in mind, and happifys him, and makes him easier to quell, and pardners must be quelled at times, else there would be no livin' with 'em. This is known to all wimmen companions and and men too.