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Dorian Gray frowned and turned his head away. He could not help liking the tall, graceful young man who was standing by him. His romantic olive-colored face and worn expression interested him. There was something in his low, languid voice that was absolutely fascinating. His cool, white, flower-like hands, even, had a curious charm.

Bunning-Ford, approached where he had been standing. Mrs. Abbot glanced admiringly up into Jacky's face. "A successful evening, Joaquina?" she interrogated kindly. "Lovely, Aunt Margaret, thanks." She always called the doctor's wife "Aunt." Mrs. Abbot nodded. "I believe you have danced every dance. You must be tired, child. Come and sit down."

Then a flash in the heart, as if Hell's flame of shame and Heaven's lightning of righteous wrath lit it together. The pock-marked rascal is lying quiet on the ruddled bricks at the foot of the stairs. The woman's Voice curses until the corner is turned. A door slams. He is hatless and unwashed and dishevelled, standing in the Blackfriars Road.

The only thing that can save him is the good news of the Senate's refusal to find him guilty." Stott was talking so excitedly and loudly that neither he nor Ryder heard the low moan that came from the corner of the room where Shirley was standing listening.

Saddletree," she said, "was never in the shop when he could get his nose within the Parliament House, and it was an awkward thing for a woman-body to be standing among bundles o' barkened leather her lane, selling saddles and bridles; and she had cast her eyes upon her far-awa cousin Effie Deans, as just the very sort of lassie she would want to keep her in countenance on such occasions."

By the time that this was over it was quite dark, the surrounding tree tops standing out black against the star-studded sky; and only an occasional faint, evanescent gleam here and there of starlight upon golden armour told of the presence of all that multitude.

There were no merciful shadows in the room: daylight poured in at the windows and revealed Helen standing with hands clasped before her and gazing with wide eyes at Miriam's pale face, her parted lips, her horrified amazement. "George?" she asked huskily. "Yes." "But why?" "Why does one marry?" "Oh, tell me, Helen! You can't have loved him." "Perhaps he loved me." "But that night!

As these furrows are observed only on the beaks of the old birds, the Dutch colonists established in the Moluccas believe them to indicate their age, each wrinkle standing for a year.

The traveller who prefers walking should always use this chaussure, and the 'little girl in topboots' is still a standing joke.

And they even cease to seem ugly as I watch her standing there between them, dainty and slender as some splendid moth, and always naively gazing at the foreigner, utterly unconscious that they might have seemed to him both unholy and uncomely. What are they? Artistically they are Buddhist transformations of Brahma and of Indra.