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After the usual words of style, the verdict set forth, that the Jury having made choice of John Kirk, Esq., to be their chancellor, and Thomas Moore, merchant, to be their clerk, did, by a plurality of voices, find the said Euphemia Deans Guilty of the crime libelled; but, in consideration of her extreme youth, and the cruel circumstances of her case, did earnestly entreat that the Judge would recommend her to the mercy of the Crown.

Jeanie Deans, for here our story unites itself with that part of the narrative which broke off at the end of the fourteenth chapter, while she waited, in terror and amazement, the hasty advance of three or four men towards her, was yet more startled at their suddenly breaking asunder, and giving chase in different directions to the late object of her terror, who became at that moment, though she could not well assign a reasonable cause, rather the cause of her interest.

With difficulty Charmian kept a displeased look out of her face as she answered sweetly: "Once, I think. But she has said very little about it." At this moment the tragic mask of Miss Deans was seen in a doorway, and Margot got up quickly. "There's that darling Millie from Paris!" "Who? Where?" "Millie Deans, the only real actress on the operatic stage.

That was only two days off. Hanny's eyes entreated so wistfully. And the Deans lived only three doors away. "Why, yes," answered her mother with a touch of becoming hesitation. Hanny was telling this eventful interview over to Jim as they sat on the stoop that evening. Ben was reading a book, Jim was trying the toes of his shoes against the iron railing and secretly wishing he could go barefoot.

But the presiding Judge, better versed in Scripture history, whispered to his learned brother the necessary explanation; and the pause occasioned by this mistake had the good effect of giving Jeanie Deans time to collect her spirits for the painful task she had to perform. Fairbrother, whose practice and intelligence were considerable, saw the necessity of letting the witness compose herself.

He needna be at muckle fash about it," she went on, drawing herself up, though the tear of honest pride and injured affection gathered in her eye, as she entertained the suspicion, "Jeanie Deans is no the lass to pu' him by the sleeve, or put him in mind of what he wishes to forget.

This reply was considered as a contempt of the House of Lords, and the Provost would have suffered accordingly, but that the Duke of Argyle explained, that the expression, properly rendered into English, meant ducks and waterfowls. Amidst these heats and dissensions, the trial of Effie Deans, after she had been many weeks imprisoned, was at length about to be brought forward, and Mr.

Butler clasped the extended hand which had supported his orphan infancy, wept over it, and in vain endeavoured to say more than the words "God comfort you God comfort you!" "He will he doth, my friend," said Deans, assuming firmness as he discovered the agitation of his guest; "he doth now, and he will yet more in his own gude time.

It was even with something like apprehension that David Deans heard Butler announce, in return to this communication, that he would take that night to consider on what he had said with such kind intentions, and return him an answer the next morning. The feelings of the father mastered David on this occasion.

"Or in some of the secret passages or cells contrived in the thickness of the walls," rejoined the first speaker. "I say, Ned Turgis, if the plague increases, as there is every likelihood it will, Solomon Eagle will be the only preacher left in Saint Paul's. Neither deans, prebends, minor-canons, nor vicars will attend. As it is, they have almost abandoned it."