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Moderation! I know but two words so potent honor and industry. Honor, industry, moderation! What can prevail against this trinity! And in young men moderation is peculiarly beautiful. I doubt if any man can be a great speaker who does not have in him the religious element. I think Ingersoll had this element in him, notwithstanding his attacks upon religion.

"Were you listening to that dear thrush?" asked Sylvia, as she jumped from the boat. "I was, and have been for half an hour. The fellow's staying powers are something marvelous." The speaker brought a hand around from his back, prepared to meet his niece, whom he scrutinized without a change of expression. She possessed herself not only of the hand, but his arm, and deliberately kissed his cheek.

Let us revert to the statement of your pecuniary position. I have an objection to you, my dear sir a most amazing, a most audacious objection, from a man in my position to a man in yours." "What is it?" "You have honoured me by making a proposal for my niece's hand. "Why?" "Because you are not rich enough." The objection, as the speaker had foreseen, took Vendale completely by surprise.

Hast thou no bowels for gentlemen and fellow-officers?" "Fooh!" quizzed Brereton. "Pick up the bowl and down with it at a gulp, man. Never let it be said that an officer of the Welsh Fusileers made bones of a half-full " There the speaker caught himself short, and suddenly turned his back on the table. "Whom have we here?" demanded the baronet.

"Braves," he said, looking at the previous speaker with a dark frown, "the Dogribs know nothing of those strange and stupid notions that have just come out of the lips of Nazinred. He says that this dirty Eskimo is a deep thinker and a man who loves peace. How does he know that one of that sort may not think so deeply as to deceive him?

I am looking for a new pupil who arrived this morning," the teacher responded, her genial, friendly blue eyes roving from face to face in search of the stranger to whom she had referred. A young girl, who had been sitting by herself in a remote corner of the room, arose and moved towards the speaker.

Accordingly the Deputies, including the Speaker, Deschanel, thronged to the questor's office. Even solemn-faced Ministers received a copy of the thick volume which I possessed ever since the day it was issued. Another glaring instance of the lack of straightforwardness which vitiated the dealings of the Conference with the public turned upon the Bullitt mission to Russia. Mr.

The old negro fell upon her knees before the speaker, and burst into tears, while even the rude policemen were touched by her remarks, Mr. Swartz alone remained unmoved, the only feeling within him was a desire that the work of confining her in jail should be completed. "And now one last farewell," continued Mrs. Wentworth, again embracing the corpse.

Committee Government in Congress owes its existence to no provision of the constitution. The only mention made in the constitution of the Speaker of the House, to-day the most powerful officer in the legislature, is where it is provided that "The House of Representatives shall choose their speaker and other officers."

When a member claps his hands, indicating a desire for attendance, three or four will jockey for the honor. On the whole, I thought the little boys had a good time of it. But not so the Speaker. It seemed to me that the amount of work falling upon the Speaker's shoulders was cruelly heavy.