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An Intellectual Conception of Cosmic Order. The thinker was obviously a Theosophist, and it will be seen that when he endeavours to think of the action of spirit upon matter he instinctively follows the same line of symbolism as that depicted in the well-known seal of the Society.

So vanished from human eyes the bodily presence of Ralph Waldo Emerson, and his finished record belongs henceforth to memory. Personality and Habits of Life. His Commission and Errand. As a Lecturer. His Use of Authorities. Resemblance to Other Writers. As influenced by Others. His Place as a Thinker. Idealism and Intuition. Mysticism. His Attitude respecting Science. As an American.

Of course, all this has been said before by every serious thinker, and I am only reiterating these facts because the general readers may have forgotten them, and I must bring them to their recollection to make the rest of our discussion upon marriage clear. These nature instincts being admitted, we can get on to a survey of legal marriage. At first, it must have been an affair of expediency.

Darwin, who was just such another practical and genial thinker, and who was distinctly a pupil of Buffon, though a most intelligent and original one if an organ after a reasonable amount of inspection appeared to be useless, it was to be called useless without more ado, and theories were to be ordered out of court if they were troublesome.

If we inaugurated and developed a system of democratic education, based on scientific principles, and caught the dog-catcher, young enough, he might become a statesman or thinker or scientist and make his contribution to the welfare and progress of the nation: again, he might not; but he would have had his chance, he would not be in a position to complain.

Schultze-Delizsch was a German thinker and practical reformer of the liberal school. The Anarchists who were tried and executed after the Haymarket Square bomb in Chicago in May, 1886. See below, 91-93. With the return of business prosperity in 1879, the labor movement revived.

Trelawny's room, where we found everything exactly as his daughter had described. There came a ring at the house bell, and a minute later a man was shown into the room. A young man with aquiline features, keen grey eyes, and a forehead that stood out square and broad as that of a thinker. In his hand he had a black bag which he at once opened. Miss Trelawny introduced us: "Doctor Winchester, Mr.

They discovered early that each was a thinker and a searcher in his own way for the one great solution of life. During the first half-hour Claire had demanded of their rescuer where they were and how soon they could get back to civilization. Philip had laughed gently. "You are on the borders of Bolivia," he told her, "and the nearest railroad is two hundred miles away.

The lover and the lustful person, the thief and the thinker, the preacher and the poacher, are abroad in the night. In factories and mills, beside the ceaseless whirl of machinery, stand men to whom day is night and night day. In cities the guardians of the midnight go hither and thither with measured step under the drizzling rain. No man cares that they are lonely and cold.

"Excuse us, sir, we have a papa and a mamma, but we don't know where they are." "Sometimes that's better than knowing where they are," said Gavroche, who was a thinker. "We have been wandering about these two hours," continued the elder, "we have hunted for things at the corners of the streets, but we have found nothing." "I know," ejaculated Gavroche, "it's the dogs who eat everything."