When the superintendent came around on his monthly tour of inspection, the herders told him the story of the lost sheep, and he did not know whether to believe it or suspect the herders of illicit traffic in mutton.

If there were such a thing as a cosmic physician, I believe he could tell the state of the country's health, and the prospects of the mortality for the coming season, by careful inspection of the great tongue, which Niagara is putting out for him, and has been showing to mankind ever since the first flint-shapers chipped their arrow-heads.

Seemingly satisfied with their inspection, he returned the box to its place, and then made known the object for which all these preliminary manoeuvres had been practised. Our young hunters had already more than half divined it, and it only confirmed their anticipations when the hunter declared his intention to climb the tree and set fire to the nest.

"For your own sake," she said, "don't persist in estranging yourself from me. In this dreadful trial, I am the only friend you have." Blanche came back to her step-mother's chair; and looked at her steadily, in silence. Lady Lundie submitted to inspection and bore it perfectly. "Look into my heart," she said. "Blanche! it bleeds for you!" Blanche heard, without heeding.

What in the world can be more ridiculous than commercial laws carried out to one's own detriment? At the beginning of 1807 my occupations at Hamburg were divided between the furnishing of supplies for the army and the inspection of the emigrants, whom Fouche pretended to dread in order to give greater importance to his office.

Gordon," the human ferret is explaining; "but in point of fact there's nothing to work on less than nothing. Three years ago you had no regular repair gang, and when a job of that kind was to be done, any Tom, Dick or Harry picked up a helper or two and did it. But I think you can bet on one thing: none of the three men who made that inspection is at present in your employ."

On the day of Lord Roberts's inspection we had to change from parade dress to gym dress, and it was during the change that Lord Roberts inspected our quarters. He went into one room and found a fellow just half-way through his change with nothing at all on!

"We may feel safe, I think, sir knights," Van Artevelde said to his friends when they brought their tour of inspection to an end on the second day after starting. "Assuredly we are safe against the French crossing by the bridges," Edgar said, "but should they find boats they may cross where they please."

John Short, in a perfectly unmoved tone; "and it is now my duty to offer you inspection of the document, and to take your instructions as to how you propose to file it in the Registry" "Inspection of the document inspection of the document?" gasped the astonished Doctor; "How am I to inspect the document?" "I must leave that to you, Sir," said Mr.

'Well then, cried Miss Mowcher, I'll consent to live. Now, ducky, ducky, ducky, come to Mrs. Bond and be killed. This was an invocation to Steerforth to place himself under her hands; who, accordingly, sat himself down, with his back to the table, and his laughing face towards me, and submitted his head to her inspection, evidently for no other purpose than our entertainment.