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If at the last moment it should become necessary to club-haul, I will personally take charge. Mr Delamere, find one of the boatswain's mates and station him below at the main hatchway, in such a position that he can see you on deck here, with instructions to wind his call to cut the cable the moment that he receives the signal which I will pass on to you."

For this purpose the minister now requested their excellencies to ask immediately the necessary instructions for their principals.

Their instructions were to go in, avoiding the few scouts who might not have been drawn off by the pursuit, and create sufficient excitement to impress the Southern Army with the wisdom of guarding their own flank and rear before they captured cities. It was a pretty manoeuvre, neatly carried out.

These instructions were backed with a deposit of money, and a request that no expense might be spared; so that Sir George Staunton had little reason to apprehend negligence on the part of the persons intrusted with the commission. The journey, which the brothers made in company, was attended with more pleasure, even to Sir George Staunton, than he had ventured to expect.

Ellsworth of her debt," the answer came before Annesley could speak. "And she will be my wife in a day or two at latest. Good-night! Glad to have met you, even if it was an unpromising introduction." Then they were off, they two alone together; and Annesley guessed that the chauffeur must have had his instructions where to drive, as she heard none given.

I felt a great need of withdrawing into myself. "My room is above yours," she said. "There is a copper gong on the table here. You have only to strike if you want anything. A white Targa will answer." For a second, these instructions amused me. I was in a hotel in the midst of the Sahara. I had only to ring for service. I looked about my room. My room! For how long? It was fairly large.

In the beginning of November, the capital, and with it the whole island of Schouwen, together with the rest of Zealand, excepting Tholen, was recovered by Count Hohenlo, lieutenant-general of the Prince of Orange, and acting according to his instructions. Thus, on this particular point of time, many great events had been crowded.

"I was asked to put it together again by the owner who wanted to sell it to the ship to shore W/T station where they did not have a short wave capability yet. When I was shown the parts I was horrified to see that there was no circuit diagram or instructions of any sort. It took me more than a month to figure it all out.

His Majesty, he said, referred him to me. I was commissioned to make known his Majesty's pleasure to him. I at once declared my instructions, first in English to the earl, and afterward in Latin to his council; which I said were to this effect.

I thank you, Mr. Paine. You would have helped him if you could, I know." Somehow this surrender, and the tone in which it was made, stirred me more than all else. She had trusted me and I had failed. I would not have it so. "Miss Colton," I said, earnestly, "suppose suppose I should go ahead and make this fight, on my own hook. Suppose I should give Davis the 'instructions' he is begging for.