The boys crowded around Mr. Harvey as he explained to Larry and Tim in as simple a way as possible the radio apparatus of the station. "When I press this key," he said, "an electrical spark is sent up into the antenna, the big wire that you see suspended from the mast over the station, and is flung out into space." "Travels pretty fast, doesn't it?" asked Larry, to whom all this was new.

He knew that Maizie found it difficult to be patient with him, and that therefore she was offering him and his sister to the kind-looking lady. "We like them pretty well, but we'd rather you'd have them," Maizie went on generously but with unswerving purpose. "And till you get used to children I'll come over every day and wash and dress them." Mrs. Reynolds' face was growing pinker and pinker.

She was a very pretty, happy little girl, red-haired and blue-eyed, and, although one could show no pity because the safety and life of thousands were at stake, yet it wrung the heart to think of the wastage of the young, bright life, the victim of German gold, and the treachery that is the handmaiden of war, and preys on the weakness of the moral nature.

How any thing totally destitute of sovereign attributes could ever be an idol, either for religious or political adoration, is somewhat singular, and after much pains and reflections on the subject, I came to the opinion, that German princes were valued by their subjects pretty much on the principle the Indians select their idols, and knowing men admire thorough-bred Scotch terriers viz., not their beauty.

It was in the year 1778, just before the last war broke out. We hadn't come to loggerheads with the mounseers, though we knew pretty well that it wouldn't be long before we were that. We and two other frigates sailed down Channel with a fleet of twenty sail of the line under Admiral Keppel. "When off the Lizard, on the 17th of June, we made out two frigates and a schooner to the southward.

I have sacrificed, I says, 'and I stand ready to sacrifice pretty nigh everything for my business, but there's limits and this is one of 'em. I'm goin' acrost to that depot to meet him, says I, 'and don't you try to stop me, Labe Keeler." "Great stuff, Is!" said Albert, with a laugh. "What did Labe say to that?" "What was there for him to say? He could see I meant it.

When she is following the sun, she makes her appearance in the sky after his setting, and is then called the Evening Star, shining most brilliantly. At other times she precedes him, rising before day-break, and is named the Morning Star. Thus Mercury and Venus sometimes delay in one sign for a good many days, and at others advance pretty rapidly into another sign.

And the children played in the front of the house all the morning and looked up at the dark green leaves of the elm every once in a while. But no bright little bird messenger came. They were very much disappointed but Mother said: "Never mind, tomorrow is his Moving Day and I think he'll come then. He is usually pretty prompt." That night Uncle Roger came to the house with Aunt Mehitable.

I didn't suppose you did." Her cheeks were pink. The corners of her mouth grew exquisitely tender. "You knew I did! 'Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, thou art fair; thou hast doves' eyes. I took that text because I couldn't think of anything else all summer. I remember now it seemed to me as if I was in a garden always in a garden. The moon was pretty bright, that summer.

His parents or guardians open a cloister gate, take out a young girl as inexperienced as himself, and the pair of innocents are bidden to kneel before a priest, who gives them permission to become parents of another generation of innocents like themselves. Probably you expect to find them living unhappily together. Not at all. And yet the wife is pretty.