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"I have not seen him laugh since since we left Bryndermere." Her lips came tightly together, and she looked at him and then away from him. "Mr. Howard, you are his friend, his closest friend. I want you to tell me But, no; you would not speak if you were on the rack, would you? No one sees, no one speaks; it is only I who, always watching him, see that there is something wrong.

The next morning, Lillie, all fresh in a ravishing toilet, with field-daisies in her hair, was in a condition to laugh gently at John for his emotion of yesterday. She triumphed softly, not too obviously, in her power. He couldn't do without her, do what she might, that was plain. "Now, John," she said, "don't you think we poor women are judged rather hardly?

He uttered a low, short laugh; but Dolabella exclaimed expectantly: "You rarely laugh, but this conversation apparently excites your mirth. So the result was satisfactory?" "Let us hope so. I was as gracious to her as possible." "That is delightful. May I know in what manner your kindness and wisdom have shaped her future? Or, rather, what did you promise the vanquished Queen?"

It had been a pleasure to dance with her, to laugh when she laughed, to listen to her nonsense. As he walks with her towards the flowers, he tells himself he is not in the least unhappy, though always quite close to him, at his side, someone seems to be whispering: "It is all over! it is all over!" Well, so much the better. She has fooled him too long.

"About your business, old gentleman we must not go too fast," the stranger cried back again to his horse, with a laugh as harsh and piercing; and he strode into the house. The hostler led this horse into the inn yard.

"Our sorrow, of course, Mr. Gibbon, we cannot forget. But a little thing that goes amiss like this a little disappointment " "I see," he said. Then he gave a sound, half choke, half hiccough, that was meant for a laugh; and presently he turned round. "Then, we will go on as before, Miss Deleah. You need not be afraid any one will learn of this 'little disappointment' from me.

It is addressed to M. C. Stewart, Esq. As I am the only M. C. Stewart I must be the esquire to boot. Wonder what the lady will think when I sign myself Margaret C. Stewart," and Peggy's silvery laugh filled the room. "Don' yo' mind what dey calls yo', baby. How dey gwine know yo's our young mist'ess?

Dow's thin trembling fingers clutched eagerly it was his only passion at this journal of his life. As his grasp closed on it, he recognised Detricand, and at the same time he saw the cross and heart of the Vendee on his coat. A victorious little laugh struggled in his throat. "The Lord hath triumphed gloriously I could drink some wine, monsieur," he added in the same quaint clerical monotone.

They were very brown, glossy, and luxuriant, entirely covering his upper lip, so that it was only in a hearty laugh that one would have any reason to suppose he had cut his front teeth; but he had, and they were worth cutting, too, which is not always the case with teeth.

A brave, athletic young man he was, with a heart full of love for the children, who returned his affection with interest. "Now, Uncle Harry, it's your turn to sing," said Flossie. "Do you know the verse you ought to sing?" "I don't believe I do know the one which belongs in this game, but I'll sing one of my own," he said with a laugh.