I turned and walked towards the window and stood looking out for a few minutes. When I turned round the room was empty. I went up to the studio, but again I could not paint. The pale, unhappy face of Viola came between me and the picture. To Veronica I hardly spoke. Her beauty neither attracted nor even pleased me.

I told him about all those things he had been doing, and begged him to be more considerate and stop making people unhappy. I said I knew he did not mean any harm, but that he ought to stop and consider the possible consequences of a thing before launching it in that impulsive and random way of his; then he would not make so much trouble.

The brief happiness of yesterday was clouded over and gone, and I thought that never since the day of the first separation had I felt so exquisitely unhappy as now, when the bitterness of quarrel was added to the pangs of parting, and I stood not only alone but friendless.

But Louise found a pleasure in terrifying her beautiful friend, who invariably laughed at her, and called her a child when she spoke of her heart, and hinted at a secret and unhappy passion. Louise wished to revenge herself by claiming the privileges of a child.

"Yesterday," she confided, "I was unhappy; it seemed too far to come I was afraid, from something Marthy said, that I wasn't going to find Maman she said I mustn't set my heart on it " Margot sighed. She came close to the bed and took Felicia's hands in hers. "Listen carefully," she entreated, "the thing I have to tell you is hard.

The Coronation is from the Convent of S. Marco, and seems to have been painted after Botticelli had fallen under the strange, unhappy influence of Savonarola; much the same might be said of the Madonna with saints and angels, where his expressiveness, that quality which in him was genius, seems to have fallen almost into a mannerism, a sort of preconceived attitude; and certainly here, where such a perfect thing awaits us, it is rather to the Spring we shall turn at once than to anything less splendid.

She could not understand Biddy at all. 'Mother never scolds me, but I'm very unhappy when she's not pleased with me, she said gently; 'and I'm sure your mamma's very kind and good. I'm sure she does care about you a great deal. Her words reminded Bridget of what had happened that very afternoon. Perhaps what Celestina said was true: mamma had pressed her hand when she said she was sorry.

A few nights since, I played at the Russian Court before the beautiful Empress cold as a stone with her great diamonds flashing on her unhappy breast, before the Emperor, whose furtive eyes gazed unseeingly before him, as though black Fate hovered in the air before women, whose lives are steeped in the lowest intrigue before men, whose faces are as bearded masks, covering the wolf's snarl, yes!

The Czar received them very kindly. He then bade the mother farewell, and went away, taking the children with him. All this time, the room in which the princess was lying, the antechamber, and all the approaches to the apartment, were filled with the servants and friends of the princess, who mourned her unhappy fate so deeply that they were unable to control their grief.

I guess there will be more than Amy Carringford who will be sorry that they ever went to your old party. Now, stop yelling. Here comes Miss Marble." The flare-up was only the beginning of a very unhappy time at school for Amy Carringford. Nor could Janice escape being unhappy, too, with her new friend.