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The best way to do this, is to lead a gentle horse into the stable first and hitch him, then quietly walk around the colt and let him go in of his own accord. It is almost impossible to get men, who have never practiced on this principle, to go slow and considerate enough about it.

He stood bowed down for a long time, in deep thought; then suddenly rising proudly erect, he exclaimed: "Away with such cares! I have no time to play the considerate and amiable father to my family. My kingly duty and service call me with trumpet tones." Frederick stepped from the room into the adjoining saloon, where his ministers and generals were assembled for a council of war.

It was during this period, between the death of Johansen and the arrival on the sealing grounds, that I passed my pleasantest hours on the Ghost. Wolf Larsen was quite considerate, the sailors helped me, and I was no longer in irritating contact with Thomas Mugridge. And I make free to say, as the days went by, that I found I was taking a certain secret pride in myself.

The favour I have come to ask is, that you will do it for us in your own kind, generous, considerate manner.

Poor Nina! she had always been so wilful so easily pleased, so easily offended but of late he had rather forgotten that, for she had been bearing herself with what she regarded as an English manner; and indeed their friendship had been so constant and unvarying, so kind and considerate on both sides, that there had been no opportunity for the half-vexed, half-laughing quarrels of earlier days.

Since her childhood, men had treated her with deference, had paid almost abject tribute to her loveliness and bright charm. Cartwell was delightfully considerate of her. He was uniformly courteous to her. But it was the courtesy of noblesse oblige, without a trace of deference in it. One afternoon Kut-le sat alone on the veranda with Rhoda.

Only, I could not suppose that you would count up the days. You are ... considerate. Perhaps but 'Tell Leda? 'Perhaps.... I was going to say ... you might come fishing with me.... 'O luck! she went softly. I was pierced by a sense of my base cowardice, my incredible weakness: but I could not at all help it.

Prescott realized that this was complimentary to him. She had made it clear that he was not a stranger, but one of the people she trusted. The effect was to render him somewhat embarrassed, but Gertrude resumed: "I think we owe you a good deal. I don't know what we should have done had we fallen into less considerate hands."

"O, thank you a thousand times, sir," replied Agnes, most deeply affected by the considerate gallantry of the kind-hearted, manly fellow, who was hugging the baby up to him just like a father, and keeping it quiet by all sorts of baby talk. In about half an hour the other man returned with a Sister of Mercy, who at once recognized Agnes.

It is the commonest thing in the world to see parents tender of their children's feelings, alive to their wants, indulgent to their tastes, kind, considerate, and forbearing; but to each other hasty, careless, and cold. Conjugal love often seems to die out before parental love. It ought not so to be. Husband and wife should each stand first in the other's estimation.

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