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Bishop of a mountain diocese, living so very close to nature, in rusticity and deprivation, it appeared that he imported among these eminent personages, ideas which altered the temperature of the assembly. He very soon returned to D He was interrogated as to this speedy return, and he replied: "I embarrassed them. The outside air penetrated to them through me.

Clearly appreciate the force of this analogy, and all the arguments against the origin of species by selection, based on the absence of transitional forms, fall to the ground. And Mr. Darwin's position might, we think, have been even stronger than it is if he had not embarrassed himself with the aphorism, "Natura non facit saltum," which turns up so often in his pages.

"Do you consider her incorrigible?" "Sir?" "Do you think her stepmother is able to control her?" Uncle Jed looked a trifle embarrassed. "Well, Mrs. Snawdor ain't whut you might say regular in her method. Sometimes she's kinder rough on Nance, and then again she's a heap sight too easy." "That's a God's truth!" Mrs. Snawdor agreed fervently from the rear.

"Little you know me," I retorted, and quickly withdrew, for I was then more embarrassed than ever, and, besides, there were other and graver matters forward to depress and occupy me. In my fitful sleep of the night before I had dreamed vividly that I saw the Honourable George being dragged shackled to the altar.

Perhaps that was why he failed to escape Mrs Hunter-Ranyard, who skilfully annexed him in passing, and rained compliments on his embarrassed head. Fine horsemanship was common enough in India; but anything more superb ! Wide blue eyes and extravagant gesture expressively filled the blank. "My heart was in my mouth! That handkerchief trick is so thrilling.

"I begged she would take the most favorable view of her prospects, and at the same time not feel embarrassed. "'But tell me, sir, she resumed, with a look of great earnestness, 'did you come on business for my first husband, Mr. Primrose?

As he was well accustomed to making excuses of that sort, he failed to observe that it was not natural for Therese to offer them. Embarrassed by this tissue of social obligations, he did not persist, but remained silent and unhappy.

He tried to switch the set to automatic tracking. He failed, tried again, failed again. He turned to his audience of VIPs, embarrassed. "It's going too fast for the set," he said. "That means it's going faster than a jet!" A lot of very important eyebrows lifted. What flies faster than a jet?

"Had Wallenstein commanded, matters would never have come to this," exclaimed a thousand voices; while their opinions found supporters, even in the Emperor's privy council. Their repeated remonstrances were not needed to convince the embarrassed Emperor of his general's merits, and of his own error.

On the other hand, Frank, embarrassed both by the sense of disingenuousness, and a desire "not to take the thing too seriously," seemed to the squire ungracious and thankless. After dinner the squire began to hum and haw, and Frank to colour up and shrink.

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