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After the conquest they soon became the most staunch supporters of the authority of George III and through the Church the British conqueror was able to reach the people. When the American Revolution began, the bishops were strenuous for British connection and from the pulpits came solemn warnings against the Americans.

After a stay of only two days with these worthy supporters, the King marched out to Barnet Common, to give the Earl of Warwick battle. And now it was to be seen, for the last time, whether the King or the King-Maker was to carry the day.

"I think we are now well started on the way to becoming useful members of the Army." "What do you think of our new leader?" one of Bert Dodge's late supporters asked that young man after the meeting had broken up. "We're going to have a boot-lick president," growled Bert. "Then there's a strong boot-lick sentiment in the class," returned the other cadet. "But I think Mr.

Well, the Jews had mocked at their Messiah-King, and He would mock at them through Him. He heard the accusation but found nothing in it. "What?" he said to the High Priests and their supporters, "I'm to condemn your King? Why, what are you thinking of?" Instead of terrifying the accused with his judicial dignity, he desired to enter into conversation with Him.

Even when the Assembly of the League is unanimous it can only "advise" reconsideration by the members specially affected. But the League will operate, say its supporters, by its influence on the public opinion of the world, and the view of the majority will carry decisive weight in practice, even though constitutionally it is of no effect. Let us pray that this be so.

Mere party feeling, which had utterly vanished for a few months in the first grand uprising of the North, had been once more awakened by the first Bull Run defeat, and from that time onward was heard in loud and constant criticism of Mr. Lincoln and the acts of his supporters wherever they touched the institution of slavery.

It was something to see the brother of the woman I loved; but I must find Zoe if possible. Reverdy was off somewhere with Douglas. Douglas was working upon the plan of introducing the political convention system in Illinois, as it prevailed in New York. He wished to step from the state's attorneyship into the legislatureship. He had newspaper supporters; he had many friends, as well as many foes.

And twenty-four hours later the vote was taken and to my intense surprise the riding was carried by Grouch the Conservative candidate. I say, to MY surprise. But apparently not to anybody else. He had, so they said, "punch." Shortis, the Liberal, it seemed, lacked punch absolutely. Even his own supporters admitted that he had no personality whatever. Some wondered how he had the nerve to run.

His opponents became his supporters, and after the villegiatura at Lennox and at Tuxedo no further question was raised. In returning to town therefore, Eden was wholly content. She had married a man of whom she was proud, a man who, while subservient to her slightest wish, had taught her what love might be.

Mr. Conkling was the recognized leader of the three hundred and six who constituted the compact body of the supporters of General Grant. Suggestions were made that the substitution of Mr. Conkling's name for General Grant's name would give the nomination to Mr. Conkling, and there was a moment of time when General Garfield anticipated or apprehended such a result.

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