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There's an ill time coming, friends. Take you heed." "The good Lord be our aid, if so be!" said Alice. "But what shall Master Clere do, Bessy?" asked Rose. "He hath ever been a Gospeller." "He hath borne the name of one, Rose. God knoweth if he be true. I'm 'feared " Elizabeth stopped suddenly. "That he'll not be staunch?" said Alice. "He is my master, and I will say no more, Alice.

If Murphy hadn't hauled into fresh water last time on Grays Harbor while I was in Seattle getting my ticket, her bottom would look like a colander now. Sixteen months in the water. You ought to be ashamed to treat a good staunch ship like that. Off dock day after to-morrow; will tow to Tacoma immediately thereafter. Meantime expect apology for insulting telegram. Peasley.

Now Lord Staunch was one of the popular show-fight great guns of the administration not in office, but that most useful person to all governments, an out-and-out supporter upon the most independent principles who was known to have refused place and to value himself on independence a man who helped the government over the stile when it was seized with a temporary lameness, and who carried "great weight with him in the country."

If the news of the approach of the main army did not travel ahead, it would be more because of good fortune than good management. The party broke up into groups of two and three in the morning and went different ways to the shore. It was agreed that, where the settlers who owned boats were known to be staunch Whigs, it would be safe to tell them for what purpose their crafts were needed.

I mean to give her away to-morrow morning, and you mean to take her. It has always been on my conscience that I didn't urge more objections to your letting her go, and now we've got to this stage I shan't be content if I don't help you to set the matter right." Phillotson nodded, and seeing how staunch his friend was, became more frank.

"Such a rumor hath come to me," replied the other, "also that any venturing within the royal chase will be dealt with most vigorously." His companion laughed harshly. "Of that," said he, "I was myself a witness, for 'twas but ten days back when one Charles Burrows, a most worthy commoner, and a staunch Catholic, was brought before the magistrates for having shot a hare which crossed his path."

One of them, Captain Rush, was a staunch believer in the claimant. He had just received the paper, and was brim-full of the convincing proofs that it contained. Another fine old salt, who had neither education nor manners, endeavoured to take an intelligent interest in the discussion. His name was Mark Grips.

On the other hand, an emperor had been heard to lament the election of a staunch friend to the Papacy because he believed that no pope could ever be a true Ghibelline. Certain princes of the House of Hohenstaufen were too proud to acknowledge an authority that threatened to crush their power in Italy. Henry VI was a ruler dreaded by contemporaries as merciless to the last degree.

Martial law was declared; Captain Donnelley was delegated to go down to quell the disorder, and in a remarkably short time peace and order were restored. His success was due in a great measure to his magnetic personality, for the Captain is very popular and makes staunch friends wherever he goes. One of the greatest assets a man can have is the right sort of a wife. Mrs.

From the moment of his arrival, he seemed to detect a different atmosphere in his surroundings, the demeanour of Phoebe, his staunch ally, who admitted him without her usual welcoming smile; the unanalysable sense of something wanting in the dainty little room, overfilled with strong-smelling, hothouse flowers in the entrance and welcome of Elizabeth herself.

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