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Cato Major of old Age, a Poem: It is taken from the Latin of Tully, though much alter'd from the original, not only by the change of the stile, but by addition and subtraction. Besides these, Wood mentions a Panegyric on his excellency general Monk 1659, in one sheet quarto. Though Denham's name is not to it, it is generally ascribed to him.

In the first sense it is but a Character of stile, and belongeth to Arts of speeche. In the later, it is, as hath beene saide, one of the principall Portions of learning, and is nothing else but Fained History, which may be stiled as well in Prose as in Verse. Bacon's focus of attention on the substance of poetry is in keeping with his attack on mere sophistication of style in rhetoric.

And there would probably be a tramp along the road somewhere to frighten her; and see the chap in knickerbockers farther down the road leaning on the stile. I am sure he is waiting for her; and here comes a coach," he ran on. "Don't the red wheels look well against the hedges? It's a pretty little country, England, isn't it? like a private park or a model village.

Weston purposed to make himself 'useful; for he presently took leave of me, crossed the stile, and traversed the path with his usual firm, elastic tread, leaving me to ponder his words as I continued my course alone. I had heard before that he had lost his mother not many months before he came.

There was a French book in verse, the other day, translated and presented to the Duke of Monmouth in such a high stile, that the Duke of York, he tells me, was mightily offended at it. And that the King should say, that he would soon see whether he was King, or Digby.

At present I do not indeed speak according to my own Poetical manner, nor after such a way as I directed my stile, when I treated of the wonderful generation of the seven Planets in my occult Philosophy, nor after a Magical or Cabalistical manner and custom; much less do I observe the method which teaches, and diligently marks the Mystical, Secret and Supernatural Arts, to wit, of Hydromancy, Æromancy, Geomancy, Pyromancy, Nigromancy, and the like: But my present purpose and intent is directed to reveal Natures Secrets, that all the Lovers of Art, and the Children which seek and desire wisdom, may by Gods Grace, Blessing, and Permission, easily understand, observe, mark, and likewise after diligent observation learn, & retain something that is beneficial; this concerns the generation of Metals in two parts, in the great and in the little World, as likewise what is the true Medicine contained in the inward part of those Metallick and Mineral Forms, which must be apprehended and made moveable by their dissection that their first beginning may be made notoriously visible in three distinct things; Then is Nature stript, and her secret parts discovered by laying off her temporal Cloathing, and all the secret Virtues, Powers, and, Operations revealed for Mans Health.

Old Spicer South stood leaning on his fence, and his rugged countenance stiffened. He started to speak, but Samson rose from the stile, and said, in a composed voice: "Let me talk ter this feller, Unc' Spicer." The old man nodded, and Samson beckoned to the owner of the dogs. "We hain't got nothin' ter say ter them fellers with ye," he announced, briefly.

Polly began that career in business that led him at last to the sole proprietorship of a bankrupt outfitter's shop and to the stile on which he was sitting. Mr. Polly was not naturally interested in hosiery and gentlemen's outfitting. At times, indeed, he urged himself to a spurious curiosity about that trade, but presently something more congenial came along and checked the effort.

Fea and the boatswain walked along together very quietly, until they came to the stile, having got over which Mr.

Sewel, 'the finest of that kind in our tongue, but handled in a manner quite different from what had been made use of by any author of our own, or other nation, the sentiments, and stile being in this both new; whereas in those, the jest lies more in allusions to the thoughts and fables of the ancients, than in the pomp of expression.