Matthew was the gardener who looked after the horses, and had also to superintend all the work done by his assistant in the garden and the stable. He was Cornelli's special friend, whom she had known ever since she could remember, for he had served her grandfather. He now came from the stable and mysteriously beckoned to her: "Come here quickly, run fast!" he said.

"Is that what you were dreaming about when you stood on the end of that board and beckoned to Garry " "I didn't beckon, I just looked " "Just looked!

Zoie was quick to understand the suggested change in her tactics, and again she sank back on her pillows apparently ill and faint. Utterly vanquished by the dire result of his apparently inhuman thoughtlessness, Alfred glanced at Aggie, uncertain as to how to repair the injury. Aggie beckoned to him to come away from the bed.

Deolda got up and began padding up and down the floor, back and forth, like a soul in torment. About ten o'clock old Conboy came in. "I got the license, Deolda," he said. "All right," said Deolda, "all right go away." And she kept on padding up and down the room like a leopard in a cage. Conboy beckoned my aunt out into the entry. I followed. "What ails her?" he asked.

By the trail's wide curve and the shelving land he perceived that they were skirting the edge of inland waters; more than this he knew nothing save that, through vista after vista, mile by mile, her flying feet beckoned him onward, and that her heart was singing to his the last wild defiance of the almost-won.

To me these blind eyes were the only merciful ones, as Mr Felix beckoned Father Christmas to follow him up to the stage between the two lines of curious gazers.

Except for the change of position in order to use his feet, which made us all start by its swiftness, my recollection is that of immobility. But he had bent the bars wide apart. And now he could get out if he liked; but he dropped his legs inwards; and looking over his shoulder beckoned to the soldiers. 'Hand up the water, he said. 'I will give them all a drink. "He was obeyed.

Round his throat and far down on his bare breast hung a necklace more than a span deep, composed of pearls and agates, and his upper arm was covered with broad gold bracelets. He rose from the ebony seat with lion's feet, on which he sat, and beckoned to a servant who squatted by one of the walls of the sitting-room.

He did so, and the young man at his right filled a glass with bright wine, and handed it to him. He hesitated, then took it and raised it to his lips. Just then I touched him on the shoulder. He turned, saw me, and instantly the glass fell from his hand, and was broken. I beckoned, and he rose and followed me.

He seemed at the last point of exhaustion. Through the dim white night a few flakes of snow fell upon his harsh, repellent face and on his bandaged arm. A sudden wave of pity carried all before it. She beckoned him into the house, and locked and barred the door. She put him in her husband's chair by the fire. He hardly noticed anything. He seemed stupefied.