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"Every consecration made in the darkness is reaching out toward the light, and in the end it must come into the light, strong in the strength which it won in its life and struggle in the dark." There is a great renewal and regeneration of life in the actual realization of Saint Paul's admonition as to forgetting the things that are behind to press onward to those before.

In the mean time the horse trotted rapidly onward along the valley, which seemed to grow narrower and narrower as they proceeded; and the impending precipices which here and there overhung the road became more and more terrific. The Lütschine, a rapid and turbid stream, swept swiftly along sometimes in full view and sometimes concealed.

Have a night's consideration and come and see me to-morrow. I wish you good-night and more sense." Vane left alone, strolled onward moodily, his eyes bent on the ground. "In love, as I ought to be, said that scoundrel," he was muttering. "How does he know I'm not? But what's the good? Faith, I believe I'm the poorest devil in London and the unluckiest.

"We will eat them up," cried half-a-dozen voices in response. "Our spears shall seek their vitals." "Guard against their onward rush," cried Omar. "They will seek to throw us off the path by a dash forward. Thwart them, and victory is ours."

As the case stood, this election, so surprising after the repressive measures adopted immediately before against the republican opposition, can hardly have occurred otherwise than with the consent, or at least under the tacit permission, of the regent of Rome for the time being. Slowly and clumsily, as was his wont, but steadily Pompeius moved onward to the rupture. Passive Resistance of Caesar

As they hustled me onward I wiped my swollen lips; the back of my hand seemed to be covered with thin blood. "Where he struck me, once," I wheezed. "Yes, mebbe so. But come along, come along. We'll tend to you." I peered and again made out the sober, stern faces hedging me, but they gave me no answer to my mutely anxious query. "Set down. Fetch a blanket, somebody. Whar's the water?

Meanwhile, I had seated myself at the prow of the boat, where, highly delighted, I dangled my legs above the water, gazing, while the boat glided onward and the waves below me leaped and foamed, constantly into the blue distance, watching towers and castles one after another emerge from the dim depths of green, grow and grow upon the sight, and finally recede and vanish behind us.

"You will be glad to be back in the old place again down below!" Then he jumped down. He hurried on up the hill and did not look back again at the wagon, which stood in the road. A restlessness drove him involuntarily onward. It seemed strange that his father did not come. As he approached the entrance to the pass, he saw the smith standing by the roadside.

There's something about you, Mr. Whittington, that I don't like at all. But, on the other hand, I'm not the least bit afraid of you. And as I've said before, and shall doubtless say again, little Tuppence can look after herself, thank you!" And with a short, sharp nod of her head she walked briskly onward.

I therefore resumed my place in the ranks, though let off scouting duty, as was Larry, the two of us being now relieved by fresh hands from amongst the bluejackets; and so, I now marched along with the column, which pursued its way onward steadily inland, steering the same west south-west course, until we had travelled some fifteen miles away from our base.