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The Englishman suppressed a groan, and turned the conversation. When he had set down his lively companion, Vane dismissed his fiacre, and walked to his lodgings musingly.

"Harry," said Sadie, speaking more gravely, "I'm afraid you're almost an infidel." "If I'm not, I can tell you one thing it's not the fault of Christians." Mrs. Holland tossed her letters down to him from the piazza above, and Mr. Arnett went away. Florence Vane came over from the cottage across the way came with slow, feeble steps, and sat down in the door beside her friend.

He had also betrayed his fellow shareholders in the Clermont Mine, selling their interests, doubtless for a tempting consideration, to the directors of another company. For all that, Carroll recognized that since he and Vane were beaten, as he had confessed, recriminations and reproaches would be useless as well as undignified. He preferred to face defeat calmly.

Beautiful and peaceful it looked its ancient tower rising out against the sky, and the evening sun shining on its windows and gilded vane. "That must surely be my landmark," thought Captain Rothesay; and he made an inquiry to that effect of a man passing by.

Duncan had been president, and Hilary Vane had fought the Central's battles with such telling effect that when it was merged into the one Imperial Railroad, its stockholders to the admiration of financiers were guaranteed ten per cent. It was, indeed, rumoured that Hilary drew the Act of Consolidation itself.

In the meantime, Harry Vane, despairing of peaceful life among his enemies, had sailed for England early in August, to pass through every phase of political and spiritual experience, and to give up his life at last on the scaffold to which the treachery of the second Charles condemned him.

Vane, when he was at home, lived on a wide, maple-shaded street in the city of Ripton, cared for by an elderly housekeeper who had more edges than a new-fangled mowing machine. The house was a porticoed one which had belonged to the Austens for a hundred years or more, for Hilary Vane had married, towards middle age, Miss Sarah Austen.

But I appreciated your precaution in sending the buggy behind me, although it wasn't necessary. "I felt somewhat responsible," replied Tom, and words failed him. "Here's Austen Vane," he added, indicating by a nod of the head the obvious presence of that gentleman. "You'll excuse me. There's a man here I want to see." "What's the matter with Mr. Gaylord?" Victoria asked. "He seems so queer."

Do they mate him, ever, with another who soars as high as he, who circles higher that he may circle higher still? Who can answer? Must those who soar be condemned to eternal loneliness, and was it a longing they did not comprehend which bade them stretch their wings toward the sun? Who can say? Alas, we cannot write of the future of Austen and Victoria Vane!

Three years went by, passed chiefly in England, partly in travel; and at the age of thirty, Graham Vane was still one of those of whom admirers say, "He will be a great man some day;" and detractors reply, "Some day seems a long way off."