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But Clay had no sooner returned to Lexington than he was re-elected to the national legislature, where he was again chosen Speaker, December 4, 1815, having declined the Russian mission, and the more tempting post of the Secretary of War. He justly felt that his arena was the House of Representatives, which, as well as the Senate, had a Republican majority.

Suppose you enter her service for three days, which are as long as one of your years, and she will pay you each day seven sacks full of ducats. Three times seven sacks full of ducats! The offer was very tempting, and Stan could not resist it. He did not waste words, but nodded to the dragon, and they started along the road.

The young merchant, whose appetite for speculation had just been whetted by his own investment, undertook the task, and, finding the stock of goods rather tempting, offered Greene $250 for his bargain, which was at once accepted. Not a cent of money changed hands in all these transactions.

This again extorted enthusiastic applause from the sovereign, and when, while he was still shouting "Brava!" the highly seasoned game pasty which meanwhile, despite the regent's former prohibition, had been prepared, and now, beautifully browned, rose from a garland of the most tempting accessories, was offered, he waved it away.

As one keen observer has written, "So great is man's horror of being alone that he will seek the society of those he neither likes nor respects sooner than be left to his own." The laws and conventions that govern men's intercourse have, therefore, formed a tempting subject for the writers of all ages.

The hangings were all of bats' wings, and from the ceiling hung twelve cats, who filled the hall with their ear piercing yells. Upon the long table twelve mice were fastened by the tail, and just in front of each one's nose, but quite beyond its reach, lay a tempting morsel of fat bacon.

Nelly was wrapt in thoughts of George. Would he get leave before Christmas? Suppose he were wounded slightly just a wound that would send him home, and let her nurse him? a wound from which he would be sure to get well not too quickly! She could not make up her mind to wish it to pray for it it seemed like tempting Providence.

"Well, that part arn't tempting, is it, Mas' Don?" Don shook his head. "And then about that other part, old chap cannibalism? I say, that's gammon, isn't it?" "What do you mean?" "Why, you know the cooking a fellow and eating him. How dull you are!" "Dull?

'How tempting, that fire looks! said Robert, re-entering the study. 'Were you very cold, Langham, before you lit it? 'Very, said Langham smiling, his arm behind his head, his eyes fixed on the blaze; 'but I have been delightfully warm and happy since. Catherine stopped beside the drawing-room window with a start, caught by something she saw outside.

Bidford is built very like a wateringplace that is to say, it is all on one side of the river. The water to-day looked very tempting, especially as a great number of boats were lying on it waiting to be hired; but Robert sternly ordered his party onwards.