The linen was fine, and the postman, in alarm, made his way over to the ditch, where he fancied he saw a strange object. Mademoiselle Source was lying at the bottom on the grass, her throat cut with a knife. An hour later, the gendarmes, the examining magistrate, and other authorities made an inquiry as to the cause of death.

And yet Diana felt quite sure that she had many strange and interesting things to tell, if she only could. One afternoon she was lying on the school-room sofa with Sarah by her side. It was a very hot day, the blinds were down and the windows wide open, so that the distant rumble of the carts and carriages came up from the street below.

Two other houses were likewise discovered to be on fire in Crooked-lane, and in an incredibly short space the whole dense mass of habitations lying at the west side of Fish-street-hill, and between Crooked-lane and Eastcheap, were in flames, and threatening the venerable church of Saint Michael, which stood in the midst of them, with instant destruction.

In cases of all the more ordinary moral ailments, from simple lying, to homicidal mania, in cases again of tendency to hatred, malice, and uncharitableness; of atrophy or hypertrophy of the conscience, of costiveness or diarrhoea of the sympathetic instincts, &c., &c., our spiritual indigestion tabloids will afford unfailing and immediate relief.

But love triumphed over agony, and half an hour later she was again at her husband's side, never to leave it again for ten minutes at a time, night or day, till he was lying with closed eyes asleep in death.

'Have you forgotten, Phil, the anger we met with, when we dealt with the gipsy at Hurst Fair? 'Pshaw, Berry, we are past flogging now. 'Out of reach, Phil, of the rod, but scarce of the teaching it struck into us. 'What? said Philip, sulkily. 'That divining is either cozening manor forsaking God, Phil. Either it is falsehood, or it is a lying wonder of the devil.

Marco Polo, returning from his Asiatic travels, related all that he had learned of a vast island lying to the east of China, and even designated its position on his maps. He called it Zipangu, the name he had heard in China. This narration was not received with much credit, and was, until the sixteenth century, generally forgotten.

Be with us in our journeyings in our uprising and down lying, in our going out and coming in in all we put our hands unto! Be with us and uphold us, and bring us in safety to our journey's end; for we go forth in the strength which is from above, and which can never fail us till the work appointed be accomplished!"

"God bless you, my darling," she whispered to her, as soon as they had done, and the poor fellow was lying still a toss-up with him whether it should be death or life; and I saw Mrs Bantem take Miss Ross's soft white hand between her two great rough hard palms, and kiss it just once.

"The place where I saw these sights is called, as I have been told since, Witches' Hollow. I had never been there before, and did not know that it was called so, or anything about it. "The first strange thing that I noticed was on coming near a kind of hill or mound that rose out of the low meadows. I saw a burning cross lying on the slope of that mound.