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When, therefore, the terms which the Priest Captain offered were spread abroad through the town, and through the camp close beside the town in which the army lay being there in readiness instantly to occupy the Citadel should the enemy appear a very lively anger was aroused because such terms should even be listened to.

Rutherford was far away from Cardoness Castle, but he had memory enough and imagination enough to see what went on there as often as fresh provocation arose; and therefore he writes to young Gordon to put off a piece of his fiery anger every day.

There was neither fear nor respect in Prince Ludwig's tone only anger. He was demanding an accounting from Leopold, the man; not from Leopold, the king. Barney raised his hand. "Wait," he said, "before you judge. The princess was brought to Blentz by Prince Peter.

The deed was done; the dreaming youth awoke to the passion of art. As Benjamin Wright gradually became aware of it delight struggled with his customary anger at anything unexpected. He longed to share his pleasure with somebody; once he mentioned to Dr. Lavendar that "that cub, Sam, really has something to him!"

This idea horrified her, made her shudder, blush, and feel such a rush of anger and pride as she had never experienced before. All that was distressing, and especially all that was humiliating, in her position rose vividly to her mind.

The terrible, slow-kindling anger of this Northerner made Durnovo catch his breath. It was so different from the sudden passion of his own countrymen. "Is this true?" he asked. "It's a lie, of course," answered Durnovo, with a shrug of the shoulders. He moved away as if he were going to his tent, but Oscard's arm reached out. His large brown hand fell heavily on the half-breed's shoulder.

"No, not till we see each other again!" he exclaimed, "that is too indefinite. When will you come again?" She looked him full in the face. "Do you wish me to be frank with you?" she inquired. "Well, then, to tell you the truth, I think I shall come no more. "Then we must say farewell," he remarked. "No, I will not do that!" she answered. She pronounced these words in terrified anger.

"Go back once more," said the young man, "and tell Three Bulls to send me that young woman." But now the poor old grandmother was afraid. "I dare not tell him that," she exclaimed. "He would kill me, and you. His anger would be fearful." "Do not fear," said Red Robe, "do not fear, my mother, his anger and his power are no longer to be feared.

You can forgive your wife, and take her back, or you can say to both, Go! You can put heverything right and begin again." Anger, wild words, seemed about to break from Charley's lips, but he conquered himself. The old life had been brought back to him with painful acuteness and vividness.

The anger of its tone rescued the remark from intentional irony, which otherwise, probably, would have been its general acceptation.