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"And it is not on inanimate objects of stone, metal or wood that He will let His anger fall, but on the men who worship them, and who, therefore, for their salvation, must destroy the idols they have made. "Even as a stone and a grain of sand, which are naught before man, await patiently their use by Him.

Anger before you had even heard me is not a nice thing to face." James turned pale. He used his most incisive tones. "I am ready to hear your explanation. Perhaps I had better say that I know it." Lucy showed him angry eyes. "If you know it, there is no need for me to trouble you with it. You must also know that it isn't easy to get away from a great crowd in a minute."

The indirect attack which Andrew now made on George's memory roused him to anger, as much because it seemed to challenge his own judgment as cast a slight on the name of the boy whom he had cast off, yet who had a firmer hold on his heart than any human being ever had.

Love's a silly thing know the world now have not fallen in love these ten years. I doubt no offence, Sir, no offence I doubt whether your honour and Miss Ellinor can say as much." "I and Miss Ellinor! you forge yourself strangely, Bunting," said Walter, colouring with anger.

On reaching the stream we caught sight of Oamo's forces drawn up on the opposite side. The two armies then set to work to hurl abusive epithets at each other, instead of, as we expected, making use of murderous weapons. This had the effect, however, of exciting their courage and working up their anger.

He knew the writing directly he glanced at it and every move of his body stiffened with renewed anger. And it is to be feared he said to himself, "it is from that cursed man." He read it aloud, and it was the briefest and most courteous note asking for the honor of an interview at whatever time would be most agreeable to Canon Ebley. The nature of the business to be discussed at it was not stated.

The boy, often not knowing how to give expression to his desire for action, would take up his fellow-workmen, lift them high into the air, and drop them, not always softly, to the ground. Or when his anger was roused, he would imprint black and blue marks on their backs with his strong fists.

Had I known, had I had word sooner but half an hour sooner those corpses now rolling under the wave with their sunken ship would still be live men and warm.... And I I should not be the hopeless outlaw, the actual murderer that this night's work has made of me!" His voice by degrees rose once more to the utmost ring of bitterness and anger.

He found Iseult as she sang, and laughed to her: “Lady, how sad a song! as sad as the Osprey’s; do they not say he sings for death? and your song means that to me; I die for youAnd Iseult said: “So let it be and may it mean so; for never come you here but to stir in me anger or mourning.

But in the eyes of the world I confess that might look intimate, to say the least of it. Don't you think so too? 'You're the most plausible person I ever listened to! Margaret almost laughed, though her anger had not subsided. 'Will you leave things as they are and forget all about this business? What has been done cannot possibly be undone now. Won't you separate me from it in your thoughts?