You can come back and have your coffee with the Marchioness! She keeps looking across at you, and it will please her to think that you got rid of me." He glanced at his watch. "I am afraid," he said, rising, "that I must deny myself the pleasure of seeking the Marchioness again today. I have a train to catch in half an hour. You are ready?" "Quite!"

She looked at him and answered almost in a whisper: "Won't you let me come with you?" "Certainly, if you want to." Ole paid his check. "Say," said Milde, "be good enough to settle this check, too. None of us is very flush to-day." And he smiled and glanced at Aagot. Ole settled, said good-bye, and walked out with Aagot on his arm. The three gentlemen looked after her.

He glanced down involuntarily, and carefully flicked some cigarette-ash from his waistcoat. The action arrested her speech for a moment, and then, with a little shudder, she continued: "The best they can say of you is, 'There goes Charley Steele!" "And the worst?" he asked. He was almost smiling now, for he admired her anger, her scorn.

A great shout burst from the crowd as they staggered forth with their burden. Pickering had only strength to look around for Polly, before he dropped on the grass. And when he looked up, the tears were raining on his face. "O, Pickering!" cried Polly. "Now there isn't anything more to long for. You are all right?" Pickering lifted his head feebly, and glanced around.

'I don't believe I will try it, he thought, as he glanced nervously at the door, which was blockaded by a great bank of snow; and he was about to retrace his steps, when a sound met his ear which made him stand still and listen until it was repeated a second time.

Her degeneracy of wit had again overwhelmed her. She looked at Maria from time to time, then she glanced around at Wollaston, and her expression was almost idiotic. The people who were on the seat with them moved away. Maria turned suddenly to Gladys. "Gladys Mann," said she, "if you ever tell of this " "Then you ain't goin' to " said Gladys. "Going to what?" "Live with him?" "Live with him!

It was not the first time this duty had fallen to him, but she was more radiantly fresh to-day than he had ever seen her before, and the spasm that seemed to crush his heart for a moment was more violent than usual. His strong joints trembled at her light touch and his face turned white. She felt that his hand shook and she glanced at him when she stood in the boat.

"Now take seats, and I'll put your horse where it can have a bit of fodder." Mr. Freeman followed the man back to the shed, and Anne and Rose looked at each other, and then glanced about the low dark room. "I don't believe he's a pirate," whispered Anne; "anyway I'm glad to be in out of this dreadful storm." "So am I," answered Rose, "but it is a funny house.

Undoubtedly Mary V was listening, but she was also undoubtedly waiting for something. He looked at his wife, and his wife also glanced into the room and caught the significance of Mary V's position and attitude. The telephone rang, and Mary V dropped the album in her haste to answer the call.

The question was meant more for the younger than the elder of the two women, but the former paid no heed to it, and the latter, by way of answer, merely glanced at him suspiciously and said "H'm!"