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You're not serious, Ruth?... Such things aren't." "I I'd do THAT again," she said. "It was right to do that for the good of all those men.... It's not that but the rest not keeping to my bargain and Dulac. I would have gone with him." Hilda shook her head. "Not farther than the door," she said. "You couldn't not after Bonbright has been such such an idiotic angel about you." "I would have THEN."

He found Lettice sitting on the edge of the porch, and, panting vigorously, the dog extended before her, an expression of idiotic satisfaction on his shaggy face. They were, together, an epitome of extreme youth; and Gordon's discontent, revived from the night before, overflowed in facile displeasure.

Unable as I was to turn out a good acting play of my own, I was, nevertheless, sufficiently gifted with an appreciation of the dramatic to be able to recognise such a play when I saw it. There were situations in Margaret's comedy which would grip a London audience, and force laughter and tears from it.... Well, the public side of that idiotic play is history.

From eye-glass to trouser-hem the illusion was perfect, but he wore with evening-dress buttoned boots with brown cloth tops! Not till I wandered about this land did I understand why the comic papers belabor the Anglomaniac. Certain young men of the more idiotic sort launch into dog-carts and raiment of English cut, and here in Buffalo they play polo at four in the afternoon.

At the opening of the French attack, a German officer rushed to the hospital, which was full of wounded, in search of francs-tireurs. Arrived there, he saw an old man, a chronic patient of the hospital and half idiotic, standing on the steps of the building. He blew the old man's brains out.

A judge of the Supreme Court, who had no business being in San Francisco at all, sworn to uphold the law, had stepped out from his jurisdiction to commit as lawless and idiotic a deed of passion as could have been imagined! Whatever chances the Law and Order party might have had, could they have mobilized their forces, were dissipated.

The Tommy would have said "sir" very scrupulously, which on Doggie's part would have been an idiotic thing to do; but they would have got on famously together, bound by the freemasonry of fighting men who had cursed the same foe for the same reasons. So Oliver stood out before Doggie's eyes in a new light, that of the typical officer trusted and beloved by his men, and his heart went out to him.

"I DID come here to try out some stuff to change the colour of negro skins. That's all. And I find your idiotic followers are all stirred up and waiting for some kind of a miracle monger. What you have been preaching to them, you know best. Is that all you want to know?" The bishop hems and haws and fiddles with his stick, and then he says: "Suh, will dish yeah prepa'shun SHO'LY do de wohk?"

I think I puzzled her; I certainly did not understand myself any better than did poor Adah, whose mind appeared to be in solution from the effects of the lightning, and I felt that I must be appearing worse than idiotic. Miss Warren, resolutely bent on banishing every unnatural constraint, asked Mr. Yocomb: "How is my genuine friend, Old Plod? Did the lightning wake him up?"

"Oh, in that case, you needn't come, Yvonne, as I have an engagement with the Princess Helene of Troy." "But you mustn't kiss me!" she cried, hastily placing the table between herself and Gethryn; "you have not yet been presented. Oh, Rex! Don't be so so idiotic; you spoil my dress there yes, only one, but don't you dare to try Oh Rex! Now I am all in wrinkles you you bear!"

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