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The admonition concludes: "We know how much good and wholesome instruction for the edification of our souls and for the comfort of our hearts we have derived from our German books, which are so easily understood, and which so plainly describe the simple way of life.

Finally Tom, after a glance at the barograph, roared at Prescott: "Five thousand feet up on a dark night, and we're going to fifteen thousand feet. All we now have to fear will be other German aircraft, but there'll be fleets of them sent out to look for us!" Prescott nodded, though he could not hear in the roar of the motors and the rush of the air past him.

Care was then taken to consolidate them, and keep them in position with blocks of stone, clay, and tiers of piles. Keller gives to these latter the name of PACKWERBAUTEN, and other German archaeologists call them STEINBERGEN.

No doubt a German machine-gun was trained on it. "A little bridging is required here," said the captain. "We'll have it done to-morrow night. The break is no disadvantage if they attack; in fact, we'd rather like to have them try for it. But it makes movement along the line difficult by day."

The important question, however, is: What are the German people being told about submarine warfare? Judging from past events, the Kaiser and his Navy are undoubtedly magnifying every sinking for the purpose of stimulating the people into believing that the victory they seek is getting nearer.

Not to have seen this quite clearly enough was a weakness of the vigorous and rigorous German critics of half a century ago. And yet, some of them did see it dimly now and then. Reference was made a moment ago to Gervinus, certainly one of the most learned, thoughtful and generally meritorious of German literary historians, and it was implied that he too was affected by the bias of his age.

As it is, New England has suffered very little from the German occupation, and in a very short time everything will be going on as usual." The veteran warrior paused, and added with a laugh: "Better than usual." As a matter of fact, within a week Boston had resumed its ordinary life and activities.

There they found the grandmother and everything just as it had been, but when they went through the doorway they found they were grown-up. There were the roses on the leads; it was summer, warm, glorious summer. The Fir-tree Translated from the German of Hans Christian Andersen. There was once a pretty little fir-tree in a wood.

The fact that the head-master's daughters and several girls, who were friends or relatives of his family, shared many of our lessons, also contributed essentially to soften the manners of the young German savages.

Just at the beginning of the hostilities, my husband had deprecated the rashness of the French people, which was blinding them to the unprepared state of their army, and to its numerical inferiority when compared with the German force.

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