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The great and terrible wave gathered about Achilles, falling upon him and beating on his shield, so that he could not keep his feet; he caught hold of a great elm-tree, but it came up by the roots, and tore away the bank, damming the stream with its thick branches and bridging it all across; whereby Achilles struggled out of the stream, and fled full speed over the plain, for he was afraid.

Ahead loomed the gaunt structure of the Sixth Avenue "L," bridging the roadway at so low an elevation as to afford the omnibus little more than clear headroom. Once beneath it a single bounce up from the surface-car tracks must mean a wreck. But the pursuit was less than half a block astern and gaining swiftly, even as the speed of the omnibus was growing less and desperately less.

This is a fact but little appreciated by the managers of our roads; when the engineer has completed the road-bed proper, including the bridging and masonry, he is considered as done with; and as the succeeding superintendent of machinery is not at that time generally appointed, the duty of obtaining the necessary locomotive power devolves upon the president or contractor, or some other person who knows nothing whatever of the requirements of the road; and as he generally goes to some particular friend, perhaps even an associate, he of course takes such a pattern of engine as the latter builds, and the consequence is that not one out of fifty of our roads has steam-power in any way adapted to the duty it is called upon to perform.

The consequence was that the knowledge of the numerical equilibrium between created and expended energy in the economy of nature has widened more and more the abyss separating spirit and matter in human life, instead of leading, as indeed it might have done, to a bridging of the abyss.

Penn's plans for the improvement of the city, the bridging of creeks and the filling up of streets, for there was much marsh land; the building of docks for the trade that was rapidly enlarging, and the public spirit that was beginning to animate the staid citizens. Philemon Henry called his babe little one, child, and daughter, and the mother was too wise to flaunt the name in his face.

"No," he repeated, "east and south. Here." Bucks took the glass and looked a long time. "I do not understand," said he; "they are certainly working east. What can they be after, east? Well, they can't go very far that way without bridging the Devil's Cañon. Callahan," he exclaimed, with sure instinct, "they will head south. Walt now till they appear again."

"You seem mighty interested in a project you got rid of," remarked Blake, vaguely conscious of the other's repressed eagerness. "Yes. I was the first to consider the possibility of bridging the strait." "Your idea, was it?" said Blake, with reluctant admiration. "It was a big one, all right." "Nothing as compared to the invention of that bridge," returned Mr. Leslie.

From rhubarb to the green gooseberry the step is so small as to require no bridging with one's eyes shut, and plenty of cream and sugar, they are almost indistinguishable but the gooseberry is quite an autumnal fruit, and only a little earlier than apples and plums, which last are almost winter; clearly, therefore, for scientific purposes rhubarb is autumnal.

Wood, fit for bridging, was often not to be had, and in such cases the only resource was to halt for the freshets to subside a matter in the case of the headwaters of the Chariton, for instance, of over three weeks' delay. These were dreary waitings upon Providence. The most spirited and sturdy murmured most at their forced inactivity.

But Carlyle's later work generally advances on his earlier, in its higher appreciation of Industrialism. He looks forward to the boon of "one big railway right across America," a prophecy since three times fulfilled; and admits that "the new omnipotence of the steam engine is hewing aside quite other mountains than the physical," i.e. bridging the gulf between races and binding men to men.