He was astonished at the eagerness with which all the Indians flung themselves into it. Multnomah alone took no part, and Tohomish, visible only at the council, was not there. But with those two exceptions, chiefs, warriors, all flung themselves headlong into the game. First, some of the leading chiefs played at "hand," and each tribe backed its chief.

Perhaps you will understand or it will soothe you " Joseph's face brightened. He answered, with a note of eagerness in his still shaking voice: "Ah, I had not dared ask you to play to me. But indeed I shall understand! Music brings pictures of heaven." Thereupon Ivan seated himself at his instrument.

The word sped about the room, whispered, booming loudly, creating a sudden tense eagerness. Men shoved at one another, craning necks, to peer at the thing which Drennen so coolly had disclosed. Gold! Nuggets that were, in the parlance of the camp, "rotten" with gold.

The colour mounted into his face, but he did not shrink from what he meant to say. "And you have made us all feel that you regard the practices and observances by which we try to fill and inspire our lives, as mere hateful folly and superstition!" He checked himself. "Is that too strong?" he added, with a sudden eagerness. "If so, I apologise for and withdraw it!"

"Who were those people?" asked Brede. "Just out for a ride, or what?" Geissler had been having an anxious time, no doubt, and now he cooled down. But he had still something of life and eagerness in him, enough to do a little more; he went up into the hills with Sivert, and took a big sheet of paper with him, and drew a map of the ground south of the lake Heaven knows what he had in mind.

"Mary sure is an easy boob," she remarked, cheerfully. "Bless her soft heart!" A curiously gentle smile of appreciation softened the immobility of the forger's face as he again nodded assent. "We might just as well pipe off the skirt before Mary gets here," Aggie suggested, with eagerness.

On his way there he encountered Grimaud, who, having set off from the opposite pole, was running with equal eagerness in search of the truth. The two men embraced each other most warmly. "Grimaud," exclaimed Raoul, "is the comte well?" "Have you seen him?" "No; where is he?" "I am trying to find out." "And M. d'Artagnan?" "Went out with him." "When?" "Ten minutes after you did."

The baronet was caught in the toils; he betrayed so much anxiety, so much panting eagerness in the Buccaneer's behalf, as to satisfy Burrell that hardly any thing less than a cause of life and death could create such intense earnestness on such a subject in a person who seemed balancing between this world and the next.

But I speak from personal experience merely. All day long we had tramped through the pitiless rain, stopping only for an hour at noon to eat some dried venison and smoke a pipe beneath the shelter of an overhanging cliff. These we followed, forgetful, in our eagerness, of the lengthening distance back to the hut, of the fading daylight, of the gathering mist.

From that time her thirst for reading was so great, that her parents found no little difficulty in furnishing her with a sufficient supply. She not only read with eagerness every book which met her eye, but pursued this uninterrupted miscellaneous reading to singular advantage, treasuring up all important facts in her retentive memory.