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He seemed glad of the distraction, and shook hands cordially with Robin when he came in. "I'm sorry I was out," began the latter. But Coventry cut short his apologies. "Don't apologise," he said. "It has given Miss Lovell and myself the opportunity of renewing our acquaintance." Robin looked from one to the other in surprise. "Have you met before, then?" he asked. Ann explained.

We all feel the sanctity of our sex as a high privilege when we see danger. I ought rather, said she, hastily, 'to apologise to you, for having said thoughtless words which sent you down into the danger. 'It was not your words; it was the truth they conveyed, pun-gently as it was expressed.

The movements of this phase can scarcely be said to find an echo in any contemporary economic literature. We need not therefore apologise further for including a consideration of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries in our investigations as to the economic teaching of the Middle Ages. We are supported in doing so by such excellent authorities as Jourdain, Roscher, and Cossa.

"I need scarcely," said the Provincial, with singular sweetness of manner, which, however, was quite devoid of servility, "apologise to you, Monsieur, for speaking in French, as it is almost your native language." Christian bowed, at the same time edging somewhat nearer to the table.

We lay listening and perfectly still, for as we could hear everything that was said, we knew that the slightest noise might have betrayed us. "Are you convinced, gentlemen, that the English doctor is not here?" I heard Don Cassiodoro ask. "Now, I desire you to apologise to me for your intrusion.

While she continued undetermined in her purpose, and fluctuating on this sea of torture, Fathom, believing that now was the season for working upon her passions, while they were all in commotion, became, if possible, more assiduous than ever about the fair mourner, modelled his features into a melancholy cast, pretended to share her distress with the most emphatic sympathy, and endeavoured to keep her resentment glowing by cunning insinuations, which, though apparently designed to apologise for his friend, served only to aggravate the guilt of his perfidy and dishonour.

Milde blazed up, but only for a moment. Even this direct insult did not make him lose his temper. He swallowed it, mumbled a reply, said finally that he had not intended to be rude; he would apologise.... But Norem, who sat there drunk and dull, could no longer repress his amusement. He only saw the comical side of the incident and cried laughingly: "Have you touched this fellow, too, Milde?

I must apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused by your detention, either to yourselves or to the society which you represent, and I must thank you for the great pleasure you have afforded me by your company. I think that, at least, you will be able to report that you have suffered no great discomforts while my guests."

"Yes," she said, "it is true. Before I had met you I was engaged to marry this other man. Our engagement was broken off, and then mamma and I travelled abroad together. We there met you, and then you know the rest." "And you thought it proper that I should be kept in the dark!" She remained silent. She could not apologise to him after hearing the accusation which rankled in his bosom.

Mr. Mayor! I demand attention!" As he reached Simmons's side, he paused and, facing about, he looked upon the array of faces pale and tense with passion. "I want to apologise to this gentleman," he said in a voice breaking with emotion. "I should not have said what I did. The man who bears these scars is a man I am proud to know." He turned swiftly toward Simmons with outstretched hand.