Wells himself was slain by the Indians long afterwards, in 1812, at the Chicago massacre. Surprise of an Indian Party. One of Wells' fellow spies was William Miller. Miller, like Wells, had been captured by the Indians when a boy, together with his brother Christopher.

The eyes of the cruel cross-examiner, veiled under half-closed lids, were regarding the boy with so curious an expression that under their scrutiny Mannie, in embarrassment, moved uneasily. "I guess that's right," he repeated. To his surprise, the District Attorney rose from his comfortable position and, leaning across the table, held out his hand. Mannie took it awkwardly.

I ain't quite so mean as that comes to. I come to let out your pigs, so that in the morning you would have a long chase after them." "But what could put such a thing into your head, Dick?" asked Frank, in great surprise. "I thought it would be a good joke." "It wouldn't have been much of a joke to me," said Frank. "No; and to tell the truth it wouldn't have been to me.

The reader of a novel, when he discovers with surprise that he has been skilfully deceived through several pages, may pause to reconstruct his conception of the narrative, and may even re-read the entire passage through which the secret has been withheld from him.

I might have known they would; and the sharpers, or fools, I don't know which, have contrived to involve me for three times as much as the first obligation. The security is in my hands, but it is good for nothing to me. I have not the money to do anything with the contract." Ruth heard this dismal news without great surprise.

I went in with her and was astonished to see a great display of dresses, and in an adjoining closet all the array of the toilette, linen in abundance, and a good stock of shoes and embroidered slippers. Dumb with surprise I looked at her, and was thoroughly satisfied with what I saw.

"That's a pity, for I have also, as it happens, a straight flush, but mine is up to the ace." Slowly, one after the other, he laid down his cards ace of hearts, king of hearts, queen of hearts, knave of hearts, ten of hearts. One single exclamation of surprise came from the lips of the bystanders. None of them had ever seen the coincidence of such an extraordinary sequence.

At all events, he knows by this time that I will not allow him to play you the tricks he before did with impunity." On going on deck, I saw Owen talking to a group of mates and midshipmen. He expressed no surprise at finding Pearson and me on board, and though there was an unpleasant look in his eye, there was nothing to find fault with in his manner. We had a quick passage round the Horn.

"Never," replied Tavia; "I was on the 4:10, but I stayed on it." "Why?" asked Dorothy in surprise. "Couldn't get off," replied Tavia. "I was talking to the cunningest little boy, and never knew it until the train was out on the branch, going for dear life toward land knows where." "And you went all the way out to " "Indeed I did. I went all the way, and then some.

Not even the Mays, in their excitement over the appearance of a stranger in Carlingford, could be more surprised than Phoebe was when her solitary walk was interrupted by the apparition across the street of a known person, a face familiar to her in other regions. "Mr. Northcote!" she cried, with a little start of surprise.