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The strictures were read, and in case of many sentences, especially towards the close, from necessity re-read by the Judge Advocate.

And except to the chosen band of Eliotists, it is not likely to retain any permanent popularity. It is a book to study for those who have special interest in George Eliot as woman, as teacher, and as artist but for my own part I find it rather a book to reflect upon than a book to read and to re-read. With respect to Romola, though we must all agree with Mr.

I next read and re-read the Roman historians Julius Caesar, Tacitus, Sallust and Suetonius. Sallust All these Roman historians no doubt were worthy gentlemen, but they create an atmosphere of suspicion. When reading them, you suspect that they are not always telling the whole truth. I read Sallust and feel that he is lying; he has composed his narrative like a novel.

The reader of a novel, when he discovers with surprise that he has been skilfully deceived through several pages, may pause to reconstruct his conception of the narrative, and may even re-read the entire passage through which the secret has been withheld from him.

Winifred was due at four o'clock; he was to take her down to a conference in the Temple with Dreamer Q.C., and waiting for her he re-read the letter he had caused her to write the day of Dartie's departure, requiring him to return. "I have received your letter with the news that you have left me for ever and are on your way to Buenos Aires. It has naturally been a great shock.

The worshipers might have fancied themselves a hundred leagues from all the noises of the world, which seemed to die out when they reached the convent walls. Jacqueline read, and re-read mechanically, the words printed in letters of gold on the little card Giselle had given her.

Tommy nodded. Where was he going? He hadn't the faintest idea. Beyond a fixed determination to get even with Mr. Brown he had no plans. He re-read Sir James's letter, and shook his head. Tuppence must be avenged. Still, it was kind of the old fellow. "Better answer it, I suppose." He went across to the writing-table.

Though there was not a word of love in the note not even of friendship Calvert re-read it a score of times and treasured it, and at last put it with the miniature in the little chamois case that rested near his heart.

Although she did not at all fully understand much of what she read, she received from these three books two dominant impressions. One was of illimitable vastness, the other of an almost horrifying smallness. She read, re-read, and, for the moment, that is when she was shut in alone with the books, her life with Claude presented itself to her like a mote in space.

M. Aurelius was an emperor, and he had the morbidity from which all emperors must suffer. A finer soul than Epictetus, he is not, in my view, so useful a companion. Not all of us can breathe freely in his atmosphere. Nevertheless, he is of course to be read, and re-read continually.

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