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"Yes, I see them all and why, there's a chamois!" Sepp seized the glass which she held toward him. "The gracious Frauelein has a hunter's eyesight; a chamois is feeding just above the Hirsch." "We are right for the wind, but is this the best place?" said Rex. "We must make the best of it," said Sepp.

Behind the village of Hospiz, which stands at the bottom of the valley leading to Realp and the Furca pass, the way commences, winding backwards and forwards, higher and higher, through a valley covered with rocks, with the mighty summits of the Alps around, untenanted save by the chamois and mountain eagle. Not a tree was to be seen.

At present I can only say that Africa is the great antelope country, although many fine species exist also in Asia that in America there is but one kind, the prong-horn, with which you are already well acquainted and that in Europe there are two, though one of these, the well-known "chamois," is as much goat as antelope.

The chamois are cunning, they place out-guards but the hunter must be still more cunning and follow the trail and he can deceive them by hanging his coat and hat on his alpine stick, and so make the chamois take the coat for the man. One day when Rudy was out with his uncle hunting, he tried this sport.

They sported and leaped from crag to crag climbed up to the highest and most inaccessible peaks, where they would stand sniffing the clear air, and look out with their beautiful eyes over the picturesque landscape which lay like a vast panorama before them glide down the chasms and precipices, and take leaps and bounds which would have made almost any animal but a chamois giddy.

At bottom, the tent was attached to a light framework of bamboos; and from its upper corners, four cords, like those of a marquee, confined it to the dais. These, Samoa's knife soon parted; when lifting the light tent, we speedily transferred it to the Chamois; a wild yell going up from the Islanders, which drowned the faint cries of the maiden. But we heeded not the din.

He rose with the instinct of a skillful raconteur, and whisked from under his bunk a chamois leather bag, which he emptied on the table before them. It contained a small fragment of native rock crystal, half-fused upon a petrified bit of pine. It was so glaringly truthful, so really what it purported to be, that the most unscientific woodman or pioneer would have understood it at a glance.

He was so high up that the large trees beneath him, with their thick foliage, appeared like garden plants, and the pines and bushes even less. The Alpine roses grew near the snow, which lay in detached stripes, and looked like linen laid out to bleach. A blue gentian grew in his path, and he crushed it with the butt end of his gun. A little higher up, he espied two chamois.

Call me at half-past eight, so I will be ready for business at nine." Then Linda went to the garage and began operations. She turned the hose on the car and washed the dust from it carefully. Then she dried it with the chamois skins as she often had done before. She carefully examined the cushioning, and finding it dry and hard, she gave it a bath of olive oil and wiped and manipulated it.

Dade looked down at his hand and laughed. "I did get a scratch. I'll let you see what it's like." "You never told me you got shot!" accused Jack sharply, from where he had thrown himself down on a bundle of blankets covered over with a bullock hide dressed soft as chamois. "Never thought of it," retorted Dade in Spanish, out of regard for his host.

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