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"It is well-known by those who have studied it that all wild animals, and even birds, very soon become wilder and more alert and watchful after the introduction of gunpowder, and, what is stranger, they seem to be able to impart to their progeny this same spirit of fear and caution."

For, after all, no doubt he was a wonderful man and would shine as something somewhere soon again. And when he did what would he think of her her silence, her desertion, her moral cowardice? "After all, I am not of much account," she said to herself. "But what he thought of me! that wild fever that was wonderful! Really he was wonderful!"

"I shall grow as thin as a whipping-post, and never be able to march all the way to the coast, which must be very far off, I suspect." "Never fear, Billy; you had better get some sleep, and forget all about the matter. In the morning we shall probably be able to kill some birds, or find some wild fruit," answered Tom.

The most absurd resolutions were then offered, and carried, when the chairman returned thanks for the honor done him amid the most uproarious laughter, and what had threatened to be a serious riot ended in a wild, lawless frolic. This was the beginning of the Abolition riots in New York City, which afterwards, to a greater or less extent, prevailed for years in different parts of the Union.

With nostrils blood-red and distended, his eyes the eyes of a wild animal, now writhing, now crouching, now lying back on his haunches and springing forward with a violence to snap any ordinary vertebra, the horse pitched as if there was no limit to its ingenuity and endurance. Pinkey's breath was coming in gasps and his colour had faded with the terrible jar of it all.

Then suddenly, for no very sure reason that any one could discover, her character changed. She had known Bobby during many years and had always laughed at him for a solemn, rather-priggish young man then she fell in love with him and, to his own wild and delirious surprise, married him.

"It fills me with bewildering memories," she said in a dreamy tone. "It seems to recall it eludes description some wild, primitive experiences mountains, mists I can't express what northern mysteries.

The road lay for several leagues through the forest, and the darkness, and the probability of encountering banditti, made the journey dangerous. About the break of day they quitted the forest, and entered upon a wild and mountainous country, in which they travelled some miles without perceiving a hut, or a human being.

That voyage left permanent recollections of grand effects and wild scenery of the kind afterwards described by William Black in his "Macleod of Dare."

At the firing of a gun there was a wild rush, and the side that had the fleetest runners thus secured the first kick. The ball was not to be thrown or carried. It was to be kicked, and could be struck with the hand or head. The game was fast and furious while it lasted. It was always in ground, and there was no hold up until it went between the poles of one or the other side.