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He sat down, and a silence of some moments ensued, when another arose, and, without any preliminary remarks, moved that "a company of regulators be now organized, and that they be charged with the duty of seeing the law administered." The motion was seconded by half a dozen voices the question was put in due form by the chairman, and decided unanimously in the affirmative.

'SCAT! cried I, more emphatically than before, but was answered only by an extra shriek from the chairman, and a fiercer scream from the whole assembly. 'SCAT! once, cried I again, as I brought my gun to a present. 'SCAT! twice, and I aimed straight at the chairman, covering half a dozen others in the range. 'SCAT! three times, and I let drive.

'Trent? 'The chairman of the meeting. 'Got us ? 'Miss Levering and me. Stonor's incensed face turned almost brick colour as he repeated, 'Miss Lev ! Before he got the name out, the folding doors had opened again, and the butler was saying, 'Mr. Farnborough.

The thread of the argument had been rudely broken, and the audience was restless and expectant. Waldron sat down, and, after a chirrup from the chairman, Professor Challenger rose and advanced to the edge of the platform. In the interests of my paper I took down his speech verbatim. "Ladies and Gentlemen," he began, amid a sustained interruption from the back.

They were tightly packed together in a sweltering mass, and in no condition to listen patiently to speeches. The noise and hubbub was little short of deafening. The Chairman, having briefly addressed the meeting in dumb show, called upon one eminent Liberal after another to move the preliminary resolutions.

The Chairman gave His Excellency the Governor, whose unavoidable absence he, in common with every one present, deeply regretted, knowing full well the deep interest his Excellency had always evinced in connexion with exploration, and especially in connexion with the expedition so successfully carried through by their guests that evening. The toast was drunk amid loud cheering.

In the rear of the provision came three young gentlemen, of whom the foremost lumped in, singing to one behind him, 'And you shall have little Rosey ! They were clad in cricketing costume, and exhibited the health and manners of youthful Englishmen of station. Frolicsome young bulls bursting on an assemblage of sheep, they might be compared to. The chairman welcomed them a trifle snubbingly.

This accident, however, luckily gave him time to recover himself; for Amelia was so deeply engaged with the little one, that she did not even remark the delivery of the letter. The maid soon after returned into the room, saying, the chairman desired to know if there was any answer to the letter. "What letter?" cries Booth. "The letter I gave you just now," answered the girl.

Wrote to Lord Wellesley to offer to put his name upon the Committee on East India affairs if he would attend. He declines on account of ill-health. Received a note from Peel begging me to have the Chairs to meet him on the appointment of the committee. I sent to the Chairman, and he came and met Peel; but Astell was out of the way. We are to meet at half-past one to- morrow.

His temper is unruffled, and his speeches brimful of quick wit and humour; and when a strong-minded committee has to decide against him, so much has he succeeded in ingratiating himself with them that it is almost with a feeling of personal pain the decision is given. I remember seeing the chairman of one of the committees look distinctly sheepish as he gave his decision against Mr.

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