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If ever there was a time for a reasonable being to 'dip' into books, or to enjoy 'half-hours with the best authors, this is it; but weak as the patient is, he commonly declines to have his tastes dictated to; perhaps there is an unpleasant association in his mind, arising from Brand and Liebig, with all 'extracts; but, at all events, those literary compilations oppress and bewilder him; he objects to the extraordinary fertility of 'Ibid, an author whose identity he cannot quite call to mind, and prefers to choose for himself.

Neither scientific, literary, nor artistical powers are any more to be inherited than the property arising from scientific, literary, or artistic productions, which the law, with a beautiful imitation of nature, declines to protect in the second generation. Very good, sir.

Thus gradually and unconsciously life declines into old age; nor is its thread suddenly broken, but the vital principle is consumed by length of time. Then follows the third topic of blame against old age, that they say it has no pleasures. Oh, noble privilege of age! if indeed it takes from us that which is in youth the greatest defect.

"It is one of two things now: either that you never liked Stephen, and always lov liked me, or else you are trying to make a fool of me for the second time. Which is it?" To this Miss Blount declines to make any reply. "I won't leave this spot to-day until you answer me," says Roger, fell determination on his brow; "Which is it?"

He is a captain now, but he takes that rank very late, you will own. There you have what you call a good man, undoubtedly a gallant officer, neutralized by the fact that he is not a gentleman. Holding intercourse with him is out of the question. No wonder Government declines to advance him rapidly. Young Crossjay does not bear your name.

"Vapour-clouds from the Atlantic undergo a similar detention in crossing the Alleghany range; or, cooling, after having circled a great distance round the globe, descend into the valleys of the Ohio and Mississippi. From all sides of this great continent, as you approach its centre, fertility declines, and only from the want of water.

These were some of his reflections that he had written down; so here you have. There is no doubt when old age begins. The human body is a furnace which keeps in blast three-score years and ten, more or less. When the fire slackens, life declines; when it goes out, we are dead.

Her master was in the shop, when she returned in a few minutes, and delivered with evident satisfaction the following gracious message: "Monsieur Bonelle desires his compliments to you, and declines to state how he is; he will also thank you to attend to your own shop, and not to trouble yourself about his health." "How does he look?" asked Monsieur Ramin, with perfect composure.

Let us consider the ordinary routine of his day's work during the session of Parliament. The truly virtuous Minister, we may presume, struggles down to the dining room to read prayers and to breakfast in the bosom of his family between 9 and 10 A.M. But the self-indulgent bachelor declines to be called, and sleeps his sleep out. Mr.

He declines the responsibility, and calls for the intervention of one of the company: let him name a sum, at once worthy of your acceptance, and not burdensome to his purse, which has so many more urgent calls upon it. 'Sir, says this officious old gentleman, who has been a toady from his youth, 'Sir, you are the luckiest man in Rome. Deny it if you can!