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Yet the average man in Rome was glad to free himself from burdensome and expensive duties towards the dead that had come down to him from past generations, and the ingenuity of the lawyers soon devised a system of sham sales by which this could be successfully and honourably accomplished.

"In short, all those who can work yet are supported in idleness by any mistaken charity, or are subsisted by their parishes, which are at this time, through all England overburdened by indolent and lazy poor, who claim and are designed only for impotent poor; all those who add nothing by their labor to the welfare of the state, are useless, burdensome, or dangerous to it.

"You will find the maintenance of a child in addition to your own somewhat burdensome in these hard times," observed the miller. "We can judge better than our neighbours whether the burden is more than we can bear," answered the dame; "so you see, Mr Gaffin, that need not make any one uneasy on our account."

Who can have hoped to have done this without burdensome Government regulations which are a nuisance to everyone including those who have the thankless task of administering them? We all know that there have been mistakes mistakes due to the inevitable process of trial and error inherent in doing big things for the first time.

But this would not be expedient or just; because, first, the payment of so large a sum by the people within the time in which it would be desirable to complete the work, would be inconvenient and burdensome; and secondly, the expense must fall alike upon the people of all parts of the state: whereas, those residing most remotely from the line of the work, would derive from it little or no benefit.

Their peculiar distinctions of days, of meats, and a variety of trivial though burdensome observances, were so many objects of disgust and aversion for the other nations, to whose habits and prejudices they were diametrically opposite. The painful and even dangerous rite of circumcision was alone capable of repelling a willing proselyte from the door of the synagogue.

Now, instead of asking to be relieved from some of her burdensome clothing, she made up her mind to destroy the things she detested most, and trust to not being found out; or, if she was found out well, "the things must have been lost at the laundry." This seemed to her an excellent explanation. So, one day when her mother was out and Betty and Tony had gone for a drive with Dr.

Ha, ha, ha! When we returned to Master Fromm's, the delicate attention of little Miss Pugnose was indeed burdensome. She would prattle all kinds of nonsense. She asked of what the fine dinner consisted; whether it was true that the daughter of the "consiliarius" had a doll that danced, played the guitar, and nodded its head. Ridiculous!

I shall not, sir, at present, inquire into the justness of this plea, nor examine, whether he who purchases an employment, which he knows to be useless, and therefore burdensome to the publick, deserves that the publick should be solicitous to support him in the enjoyment of it; but I shall declare, on this occasion, with confidence, that I know many of the officers of the guards to be men of honour, who would gladly exchange their posts, so chargeable to the nation, for an opportunity of serving it, and who are not very anxious for the increase of their pay, so they may not be degraded from their present rank.

This, however, did not displease her. "Of course," she said. "For that matter it couldn't have been very burdensome to you." Weston laughed in a rather curious fashion, and she saw the blood creep into his face. "I'm glad you have enjoyed it," he said. "It seems unfortunately certain that I shall not have another time like this."