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Apropos, your little godson is thriving charmingly, but is a very deil. He, though two years younger, has completely mastered his brother. Robert is indeed the mildest, gentlest creature I ever saw. He has a most surprising memory, and is quite the pride of his schoolmaster. You know how readily we get into prattle upon a subject dear to our heart: you can excuse it. God bless you and yours!

Miss Redmond was moving up the steps toward the entrance, hesitating between the desire to snub her interlocutor and to avoid the appearance of fright. The man, meanwhile, moved easily beside her, courteously distant, discourteously insistent in his prattle. But the motor-car was now not far away.

Thus he stood, principal figure in a picture which is even yet as clear to me as yesterday the narrow, dirty alley leading out of the High Street, yet showing a glimmer of green field at the further end; the open house-doors on either side, through which came the drowsy burr of many a stocking-loom, the prattle of children paddling in the gutter, and sailing thereon a fleet of potato parings.

Could he get away from it all for a little time away from the maddening prattle of unguided tongues, from the dread monotony of hopeless watching? He knew that he was wasting his manhood, neglecting his intellectual opportunities, and endangering his career; but his course of duty was marked out with terrible distinctness.

This fair child, with her affectionate ways, and her confiding prattle, wound herself ever more closely about his homeless heart, and he clung to her with a touching devotion. For she was the only one who seemed to be unconscious of the difference of blood, who had not yet learned that she was an American and he a foreigner. Three years had passed by and still the situation was unchanged.

He did actually, on that impulse, give a perceptible start towards her, but then he restrained himself. "The child ought to be whipped," he broke out angrily. "You must not take her prattle so seriously." "But she was so serious," said Maria Dolores. "Oh, when she threatened to lie down in the river, and let herself be drowned !" Her voice failed her, as at the inexpressible.

Here they found a table, and while Oliver was ordering frozen poached eggs and quails in aspic, Montague sat and gazed about him at the revelry, and listened to the prattle of the little ex-sempstress from Rivington Street.

Marcus had taken a great fancy to her prattle and her songs during the voyage no nightingale can sing more clearly and when she begged and prayed him he gave way at once, and said: he would take her in his boat. But the brave child declared that she would jump into the sea before she would leave without us."

"If father plagues me much I may take the man; but I'd rather have the other one if he wasn't poor," answered Kitty with a side-long glance of the blue eyes, and a conscious smile on the red lips. "Oh, there's another lover, is there?" "Lots of 'em." David laughed and looked at Christie as if inviting her to be amused with the freaks and prattle of a child.

The sound struck for him a strange contrast with the prattle he had perforce been listening to. "Thunder," said Zuleika over her shoulder. "Evidently," he answered. Half-way up the stairs to the roof, she looked round. "Aren't you coming?" she asked. He shook his head, and pointed to the raft in front of the barge. She quickly descended. "Forgive me," he said, "my gesture was not a summons.

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