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On the eastern slope, the strata in the upper part are regularly inclined at about 25 degrees to the east, so that the summit of this chain, neglecting small irregularities, forms a broad anticlinal axis. Owing to the amount of denudation which this chain has suffered, the outline of the gently inclined eastern flank scarcely offers the slightest indication of this synclinal axis.

One of her few pleasures was to sit in the garden pretending to be asleep, when all the family were out, and tell tales of the gardener for neglecting his work, and of the maid-servants for picking the strawberries. Yet she had been a shrewd and kindly woman once, and had brought up her children well.

Then Peter spoke up in grieved tones: "Seems like you might have asked old neighbors to give you a hand, Frank. I had no notion you was in any such turrible hurry to start this here new chicken house of yourn. It don't look respectable or kindly, you acting that way, neglecting to tell old neighbors " "It's a slander on this here neighborhood, that's whot it is, Frank," Bill Trumbull complained.

But Antonio Perez was growing old, older than he thought, older than his years. He knew it. Madame de Chantenac had proved it to him. She had reproached him with never coming to see her at Chantenac, neglecting to return the too assiduous visits that she paid him here at Pau. "You are very beautiful, madame, and the world is very foul," he had excused himself.

Sir J. Minnes and I had an angry bout this afternoon with Commissioner Pett about his neglecting his duty and absenting himself, unknown to us, from his place at Chatham, but a most false man I every day find him more and more, and in this very full of equivocation. The fleete we doubt not come to Harwich by this time.

Now when affairs within the city were in this posture, Titus went round the city on the outside with some chosen horsemen and looked about for a proper place where he might make an impression upon the walls; but as he was in doubt where he could possibly make an attack on any side for the place was no way accessible where the valleys were, and on the other side the first wall appeared too strong to be shaken by the engines he thereupon thought it best to make his assault upon the monument of John, the high-priest, for there it was that the first fortification was lower, and the second was not joined to it, the builders neglecting to build strong where the new city was not much inhabited.

At their first meeting she was struck by his buoyant air, his animated talk. A week later, he called in the afternoon. Two ladies happened to be with Alma, and they stayed a long time; but Thistlewood, who comported himself rather oddly, saying little and sometimes neglecting a remark addressed to him, stayed yet longer.

But I am neglecting my chief business with you. We have fixed your present destination for the other side of the mountain, where among your old acquaintances, it was thought, you could raise a company most expeditiously." "But where is the money to come from to pay my recruits: Even in case these estates are sold, who among us, these times, has money to purchase them?"

Is it not so? There is no use telling me, "The game is no one's; there is no harm in taking it." Light words of that kind will not do to answer God with. You know there is harm in taking it; for you know, as well as I do, that you cannot go after game without neglecting your work to get it; or without going to the worst of public-houses, among the worst of company, to sell it.

Another of those unexplained pauses! It was certainly a tantalizing state of affairs, though, in fact, this last one did but mean, "only he must be neglecting his affairs while he stops here." Lucia merely broke off because she felt as if Lady Dighton might think the words an impertinence. Soon after this they parted.