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"Myself creating what I saw," brought him yet stronger suspicion of there being a something of private liking, of private understanding even, between Frank Churchill and Jane. He had walked up one day after dinner, as he very often did, to spend his evening at Hartfield.

Morris said, "I wish to have an earnest talk with you, Mr. Jefferson, on the alarming situation of things." "I am very glad," said Jefferson, "to talk matters over with you." "As you well know," said Mr. Morris, "I have been strenuously opposing you, as have also the large minority of the States." "To be frank with you," he continued, "we are very much afraid of you." "We fear,

She was used to frank admiration, but this unembarrassed courtesy was a new world to her. She was still smiling when she turned to Morgan. "You told my father the boys wouldn't wear guns today." He was somewhat confused.

And if these Germans are all as stupid as the ones we've seen so far, it oughtn't to be very difficult." "Well, when the chance comes, we won't let any grass grow under our feet, that's certain," said Frank. "But now, I'm dog-tired, and I'm going to see if I can't get a little sleep. And what's more, I'd advise you fellows to do the same."

Giles, who was the palest of the party. 'So I do, replied the man. 'It's natural and proper to be afraid, under such circumstances. I am. 'So am I, said Brittles; 'only there's no call to tell a man he is, so bounceably. These frank admissions softened Mr.

The next morning, the wind being comparatively light, we got out and worked our way up to the Columbus, where I left my prisoner on board, and went on shore to find Commodore Biddle, who had gone to dine with Frank Ward.

Let's send these jarvies away, and come into my hotel, and I'll write you a cheque." The sum Frank asked for revealed to Mike exactly the depth to which he had sunk since they had last met. Small as it was, however, it seemed to have had considerable effect in reviving Frank's spirits, and he proceeded quite cheerfully into the tale of his misfortune.

"The time to strike is now," he said when the others had gathered around the table, all except the pirates, who were still outside. "I agree with you," said Frank. "How long a march is it, Captain Jack?" "If we leave here two hours before dark we will reach the base soon after midnight," was the reply; "but if you will allow me, I have a plan to suggest." "Let's hear it, Captain," said Jack.

Getting up early is not Laura's strong point at the best of times, and she'll be extra tired after the varied excitements of the night." Val examined him narrowly. His manner was natural if a trifle subdued; the unhealthy glow had died down and his black eyes were frank and clear.

She said still more quietly: "He need tell no one of my existence; and you can be quite sure that if ever he feels he's had enough of me, he'll never be troubled by the sight of me again." And she got up. Lady Summerhay also rose. "I hope you don't think I really am only too anxious to " "I think it's better to be quite frank. You will never like me, or forgive me for ensnaring Bryan.