To the palpitations are rapidly added faintness and shortness of breath. The sleep is troubled with distress in the region of the heart. It is said that women in whom the menopause occurs early are more liable to tachycardia than those who menstruate later in life; and that it occurs with especial frequency when the menopause has been prematurely induced by surgical operation or by disease.

I found myself wondering whether, if I did so, my body would be forced through along some subterranean way to the vault of the troubled waters, from thence float out slowly along the little river, and so to the mouth of the cave and the outer sunshine.

You would have thought that the long separation had come about accidentally. "I don't know," returned Carrie, warming, in spite of her first troubled feelings, toward this handsome, good-natured young matron. "Well, you know, I saw your picture in the Sunday paper, but your name threw me off.

He grew silent and thoughtful with this reflection, and the conversation languished. He was trying to think how he could help her without these continued interviews at his house, when she disposed of the difficulty by rising briskly and saying, "Well, I will call again in a day or two, about this hour?" "Yes, if it suits you best," he answered, with a troubled brow. He followed her to the door.

Then came the Queen "with no little worldly pomp," and took the chair between those two rows of troubled counsellors, Lethington at one side, Maxwell at the other. She gave an angry laugh as she took her place. "Yon man gart me greit, and grat never tear himself: I will see if I can gar him greit."

The things you understand by weakness why, I don't care if you have a thousand of them! But, dear, I want the diary. When you leave El Tovar, leave that much of yourself with me." Enoch's voice was troubled. "I have been so curiously lonely! You can have no idea of what the diary has meant to me." "I won't ask you for it, Enoch!" exclaimed Diana.

The thought of what she would do there troubled her. Would anyone ask her to dance? Would Charley think of her when he had so many grown-up girls, girls quite grown up, all around him? It would be very sad if at this London party it should be her fate to sit down the whole evening and see others dance.

He to church again in the afternoon, I staid at home busy, and did show some dalliance to my maid Nell, speaking to her of her sweetheart which she had, silly girle. After sermon Roger Pepys comes again. I spent the evening with him much troubled with the thoughts of the evils of our time, whereon we discoursed.

Juke want to speak to you about, mother? 'Nothing of any importance, dear, I told her. She looked at me in the rather strange, troubled, frowning way she has now sometimes. 'Oh, do let's go home, mother, she said suddenly. 'I'm so tired. And I don't believe they're really starving a bit, and I don't care if they are. I do hate bazaars. Clare used once to be quite fond of them.

And all that night the desert said many things, softly and in a whisper, but I knew not what he said. Only the sand knew and arose and was troubled and lay down again, and the wind knew.