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The suggestion and advice of his friends, who thought that abilities and attainments like his required a more extensive sphere of action than was afforded him by the discharge of his duties as a private tutor, strengthened, probably, by a consciousness of his own power, induced him to relinquish that employment, and henceforward to apply himself to the study and practice of the law.

The continuance of this pernicious system, previous to the administration of Governor Hunter, had induced the settlers to look upon it as a right, rather than an indulgence.

"Mary," he said, as soon as he had induced her to sit down, "it is time that this should be settled between my nephew and niece." "I am afraid there will be nothing to settle." "What do you mean; that you disapprove of it?" "By no means, personally. I should approve of it very strongly. But that has nothing to do with the question." "Yes, it has.

This step he was the more easily induced to take, as the commons were become extremely odious to the nation in general, which breathed nothing but war and defiance against the French monarch. The parliament was accordingly dissolved by proclamation, and another summoned to meet on the thirtieth day of December.

I fancy he wanted to delay matters so that the Pope should be induced to take the ill-advised step of leaving Rome, and in this the republican general succeeded. What went on in Rome, the way in which the Pope escaped, &c., I am not able to relate.

The Baron de Tott. Near Fort Lee, opposite Fort Washington, on the North River, Oct. 7th, 1780. You must have already learnt, my dearest love, all that can interest you relating to myself, from my arrival at Boston until my voyage to Rhode Island, which place public affairs, and the desire of seeing my friends, induced me to visit soon after my landing.

It was, perhaps, this novel and spontaneous kindness added to my more than perfect willingness to endure a restful separation from my mule, which induced me to get down and enter that house with all my inborn and inbred love of cleanliness and daintiness crying out within me.

They had to pull her out with boat-hooks, and it was half an hour before she could be induced to go to bed again and proceed with her dying. Actresses are often annoyed at the remarks made by foolish fellows in the audience. A remark by a person in the audience always causes people to laugh, whether the speaker says anything smart or not.

The Prime Minister could not be got to consent that no notice should be taken of the matter, let the papers or the public say what they would, nor could he be induced to let the matter be handled in the manner proposed by the elder Duke. And during this time he was in such a fever that those about him felt that something must be done. Mr.

I came out of it two hours ago, for the first time, and I was induced to take that step in the simplest, the most natural manner." "Tell me all about it, my love. I feel extremely curious." "I am glad of it, and I would conceal nothing from you. You know how dearly M M and I love each other. No intimacy could be more tender than ours; you can judge of it by what I told you in my letters.