I meet Roderick at the ball. 'Hallo, what are you doing here? 'Oh, I have escaped from prison. 'Good business. And how's Miriam? 'Well and happy she is going to be my wife! What more do you want?" "I have been speaking to Mr. Hodgson," would observe the leading lady, "and he agrees with me, that if instead of falling in love with Peter, I fell in love with John "

"I did not know it was in the city," he said, however, to himself; and when they landed, and Andrew began to make his way toward Fleet Street, his suspicion was aroused. "Is the club anywhere near that court where there was the fight?" he said suddenly. "Eh? Oh yes, very near! This is the part of London where all the wits, beaux, and clever men meet for conversation.

I say, she would rather meet me in the house. I fly to the house. My wife refuses to see me." 'Tite made no answer. "What have I done?" Charle' spread his hands. "My commandant has no complaint to make of me.

"It is singular, indeed, that you should meet so very unexpectedly, in this obscure corner of the earth!" said De Valette, endeavouring to speak with gaiety, though he had remarked their mutual embarrassment with secret uneasiness; "how can you account for it, Luciè?"

The fugitives were in sight, and a body of horse, dispersed over the whole plain, pursued the five horsemen of the enemy, some of them pushing off in an oblique direction, in order to meet them.

From the first, Trudaine had devoted himself to meet such trials as now assailed him; and like a man he met them, in defiance alike of persecution from the mother and of insult from the son. The hard task was only lightened when, as time advanced, public trouble began to mingle itself with private grief. Then absorbing political necessities came as a relief to domestic misery.

I'm still afraid of it.... You see this Henri Quatre part of the house was just a fourth of the house as planned. This lawn would have been the court. We dug up foundations where the roses are. There are all sorts of traditions as to why the house was never finished." "You must tell me them." "I shall later; but now you must come and meet my aunt and my cousins."

Marty did not fully comprehend; and she answered, "He belongs to neither of us now, and your beauty is no more powerful with him than my plainness. I have come to help you, ma'am. He never cared for me, and he cared much for you; but he cares for us both alike now." "Oh don't, don't, Marty!" Marty said no more, but knelt over Winterborne from the other side. "Did you meet my hus Mr. Fitzpiers?"

The former bellowed terrifically and started in the direction of the knoll, and Ja-don, followed by a few of his more intrepid warriors, ran to meet him.

Just before sundown, as we rested after our toil, we perceived a small company of men advancing towards us from the direction of Loo, one of whom bore a palm leaf in his hand for a sign that he came as a herald. As he drew near, Ignosi, Infadoos, one or two chiefs and ourselves, went down to the foot of the mountain to meet him.